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Simon Chilembo Books 9-books collage.
©Simon Chilembo 2023

9. MACHONA GRIT – Onslaught on Hate is my ninth book. It is the seventh in the MACHONA – Emigrant series, and my second volume of poetry after MACHONA POETRY – Rage and Slam in Tigersburg.

In the MACHONA – Emigrant series, I explore existential issues of migration. This is out of a life-long fascination and curiosity about migration and what it does to us all. I narrate my thoughts and discoveries through essays, fiction, poetry, and storytelling. My fascination, curiosity, and fears around migration arise from my being a Zambian immigrant’s son, born of a South African mother. I’m an immigrant in Norway myself.

This book is written with my Oslo-inspired, multifaceted rise again mindgames intensity played out in the above-mentioned first poetry volume. It is a personal emotional and declarative journey with which I lament hate, the consequences of which are a lived experience every day of my life. I’m African. I’m Black. In a world of institutionalized, systemic, hate-laden racism, I know hate when I perceive it. Anytime. Any place.  

Operationally, hate can, on the one extreme, merely durably oppress victims to a point of anticipated self-annihilation. On the other extreme, hate kills. Genocide is the absolute, ultimate expression of hate set in motion.

Hate is used to justify and feed the worst of human attributes against fellow humans and nature. On the larger scale of human atrocity expressions, wars give hate a face. This book, from various personal experiences and reflections in different settings, addresses hate as a vicious phenomenon – e.g., naked hate as seen in the current protracted Russian invasion instigated Ukraine War 2022.

I focus on the ever-non-repentant, systemically racist White Supremacist violence in the USA and South Africa too. The latter gets more bashing for the prevalence of Afro-xenophobic violence in the country, including the apparent national political leadership moral decay as well. Buy, read, enjoy the book, and be inspired.

Mine is defiance poetry, hit-back poetry, and liberation poetry. I crush baloneys; I demystify falsities, I dream, I empathize, I praise, I provoke, I tease to inspire thought and action toward a better understanding of the self and one’s place in the universe.

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8. MACHONA POETRY – Rage and Slam in Tigersburg is my eighth book; released on October 08 and 13, 2021 in paperback and e-Book versions respectively. It is the sixth in the MACHONA – Emigrant series. In this series, I explore existential issues of migration. I’m inspired by the life-long observed internal and external dynamics of my parents’ nuclear family. My mother was South African, whilst my father was a Zambian immigrant into South African. We have at different times lived both in South Africa and Zambia. And I’m an immigrant in Norway myself.

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©Simon Chilembo 2021

The sub-title Rage and Slam in Tigersburg is a dedication to Tigerstaden Oslo, the city of my manhood maturity years; the city of the most beautiful girls in the world. I love Oslo with all of my heart.
Oslo has been ruthless in the unpacking of emotional turmoil for me, from love to hate and everything else in between. The city has broken me down several times. But it has allowed me to rise again in new versions of myself by way of attitudes and life ambitions. This time around I rise as an author and poet. I’ve found my calling at last.
As presented in this book, mine is defiance poetry, hit back poetry, liberation poetry, protest poetry. The poetry is written today upon impulses lived through yesterday, with hope for a better future for all. It reflects some of the cathartic paths of my journey towards self-realization attainment goals; highlighting lessons of stoicism, humility, and gratitude. Order, read, enjoy the book, and let yourself be inspired.

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7. COVID-19 AND I – Killing Conspiracy Theories
This is my 7th book released on December 04, 2020. The book highlights my thoughts on the current Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and how its global social-economic impact has affected me. Compulsion to write the book was inspired by a higher need to respond to queries, observations, and actions from a cross-section of my social networks worldwide. 

JANUARY 21, 2021: NEWS – Responding to reports that African and Eastern European immigrants in Norway are sceptical to vaccines; and have the highest rates of Coronavirusdisease (Covid-19) infections in the country, particularly Oslo, the capital city. Response introducing the book and my thinking behind it – https://youtu.be/Uoh5-uOpNPo

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6. MACHONA MOTHER – Shebeen QueenThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is machona-mother-fpg.jpg

This is a globally relevant very South African story. It also has a heavy Zambian leaning, around which the theme richly evolves. It highlights black people’s difficult lives from colonialism, through to apartheid days, into the post-1994 dispensation.

We follow the protagonist, Glenda, from her childhood in her village. Together with several other children – cousins – they are raised by her maternal grandfather. Tragedy visits the old man after he sends away the little girl to go and look for her mother in the gold mining city of Welkom.

Little Glenda gets to find her mother in Welkom. However, the lady is not keen to keep her daughter. Glenda is then sent away to her paternal grandfather in another town. Here, the girl gets to go to school, and thrives. At age 16, she returns to her mother in Welkom. Shortly afterwards, she meets her future husband. The husband was a businessman. In 1970, he loses what would have been his biggest deal ever. In the meantime, the wife, Glenda, had been running a shebeen business for a few years already.

The growth of black professional football in South Africa, in the early1970s, was a blessing for the business. In 1975 she uses her economic might to drag along her husband and children away to Zambia. Then, she becomes a female Machona herself, meeting her own challenges as a woman, wife, and mother in a foreign land, foreign culture.

Returning to South Africa 10 years later, new challenges arise for the family: the country has changed drastically. The change is continual, culminating in the formal abolishing of apartheid, in 1994. Machona Mother’s children are all grown up, and have their own ideas of life. Her husband breathes and dreams. At some point, in the New South Africa, she looks back to the years of her life as a businesswoman, Shebeen Queen, who once had the whole town eating from her palms. Order, read, enjoy the book, and be inspired – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1793955824

  1. MACHONA BLOGS – As I See It
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Following the autobiographical MACHONA AWAKENING – Home in Grey Matter blog articles third book of mine, in MACHONA BLOGS – As I See It, I present a second collection of articles from my private blog.

Here, the articles are socio-politico commentaries written in response to, or inspired by various events and circumstances, both in my immediate and distant environments. Some articles will also be direct responses to other writers’ works on the numerous media platforms of our times. Order from Amazon; read, enjoy, and be inspired: https://goo.gl/SNMhMq E-Book version available on Kindle.

  1. MACHONA SON – ain’t going nowhere
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In this fourth book, the story is a first-person narrative by Sketch Medina, a third-generation black immigrant child in South Africa in the 21st Century. It is a story of outsider, underdog immigrants’ progeny’s triumphs against adversity in their parents’ new homelands. It is a story of #defiance #machonasondefiance against #prejudice #ignorance #hate. It highlights the plight of black immigrant children in South Africa, starting with the challenges their own parents and grandparents had to endure in their earliest days in the country.

At some point, many of these children have to take a stand: should I stay, or should I go? Although it is set in South Africa, this story is of global relevance as well.

Do, please, buy the book; read, enjoy, and be inspired.
e-Book version available on Kindle on this link here.

  1. MACHONA AWAKENING – home in grey matter
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In this book I have put together edited versions of a 32-series blog articles collection called “38 YEARS AN EXILE”. These I wrote from March 04, 2014 – December 29, 2015. In them I reflect upon my experiences of coming back to the land of my birth, South Africa, after living abroad for thirty-eight years.

  1. MACHONA – Emigrant This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0010-copy.jpg

This my second novel takes life experiences in the Diaspora to another level. The story traces the birth, growth, and development of a special boy child. Through a series of trainings and teachings by key people in his life, he grows up to be a man of means and power without equals in Africa. Born to serve and save his people, he fulfils his obligations in an extra-ordinary way.

Buy the book and read to find out about who this boy is, what his mission is specifically, and how he actually goes about doing whatever he has to do in the pursuance of his duties. eBook publication here.

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This is my long overdue debut novel. It’s a fantasy memoir working with which has been a fulfilling journey. It is a recommended read for lovers of books and storytelling, as well as, particularly, the English language spiced up with African language style flavours, including imagery.

SUMMARY In the Diaspora, only the strong survive. This novel shuttles the reader across time in the life of an African Diasporant in his efforts to carve his own space of existence in Europe. His challenges, victories, and failures in the big inherent issues of life such as love, earning a living, friendships, family relations, competition, and prejudice are no different from anyone else’.

The difference is in how he in his own way manages his life both in triumphant and hard times, driven by a strong sense of need for pursuance of fairness and justice in all his dealings with people across the nature of relations in given situations. This is a story of love, hope, and faith encapsulated in one man’s life and his own unique philosophy of life. Because this is man of real flesh and blood, this story could as well be that of the next man or woman on the street.

If the book inspires those finding it hard to make sense of living and life in the Diaspora not to lose hope, and hang in there, writing it will have been a worthy exercise to embark upon. I also hope that the book will help hosts in the Diaspora to appreciate the fact that Diasporants are also human with the same strengths and fallibilities as everyone else. Diasporants all want the same things of protection, happiness, human dignity and respect, as well as equal opportunities for longevity in abundance of, and accessibility to the basic necessities of life.

Buy the book! Read, enjoy, learn, and be inspired. If falling does not kill you, it’s only natural to want to rise again. Once up and about again, you’ll have become wiser and stronger from the fall, that as a matter of course: what doesn’t kill you makes you strong; simple natural law logic as captured and highlighted by Nietzsche.

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  2. MACHONA – Emigrant

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  1. Matshidi says:

    You’ve always been a great inspirational Uncle Cee, wish to read Machona – Emigrant seems like is more interesting and i want to know more and find out about this boy child. Well done!

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