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I have crossed
The threshold of fear
My head is cold
So is my heart
Nothing hurts

No pain no more

On my Freedom march
I do see ahead
Your weapons of mass destruction
I am treading on
The carnage you’ve already caused
My eyes see only one thing beyond you
Beneath the corpses of my slain compatriots


I notice the inferno around me
Yet I walk through the fire like Jesus walked on water
I am on a Freedom-yearning high
I am in a Cry Freedom trance
Shoot me down
Annihilate me
I won’t feel a thing
You just disappear
Leave me my Freedom
I want it now
I have blood to drain off the land
I have bodies to bury
Their resting places life-long symbols
Reminders that

Freedom does not come cheap!

Someone has to die for Freedom
Someone shall die for Freedom
Before you kill me on my Freedom march
Just remember
I’m not alone
And, so you know,
The craving for Freedom is universal
My blood will spill to inspire
Other Freedom marchers all across the world
When I breathe my last
Another will inhale my soul
And my spirit shall live on
Much as the souls of my slain compatriots here
Take me higher
I am in a deeper Cry Freedom trance
That’s how we roll
You can’t stop us now


© Simon Chilembo, 26-30/ 03-2011

Defiance at home, FREE State Province (MHSRIP) – WARNING! Imagery may be too strong for some.