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My All

When it’s all
Said and done
You are everything I have
The greatest I own

Only you
Understand my passion
Over you
I’ll dig you
I’ll turn you
Upside down
Rake you
Toss and turn you
Every which way but loose
As I make you beautiful
As I help you
Bring out
The best in you
Our first harvest
We’ll feed to the needy

No money in the bank today
Yet I touch you
A crisp 1000 kroner note
Warms my hand
I turn you
Inside up
I smell the belly of Norges Bank
I clutch you
In my hands
I feel like
A Black Oil Baron in Oslo
Røkke looks at me
Smiles and says
“Je e ikke forbanna”*

Stordalen beams
Beckons me
The Thief
And yells
“Ekte penger, gutt!”**

I love you
Soil of my land
My strength
My power
My pride
For you are
I am
All my land
All I have

©Simon Chilembo. August 16, 2013

 Dedication: Nelson Mandela

*”I am not pissed off”
**”Real money, dude!”


South Africa
August 16, 2013
Tel.: +27717454115



ENERVITAL is my multifaceted Health & Wellness brand comprising:

My goal at ENERVITAL is to help people attain their optimal state of health to enable them realize the most optimal wealth creation potential for both themselves as individuals, as well as their work/ business enterprises. In the perfect world my mind sees, healthy and wealthy people create and lead healthy and wealthy organizations and institutions. These form the basis for healthy and wealthy nations of abundance, where all have their basic needs and wants plus more are perpetually satisfied. On the grander scale of thought, health and wealth are means to world peace attainment.

In the perfect world my mind’s sees I define wealth as follows:

  • WEALTH: Sustainable long-term state of resourcefulness.
    Resourcefulness: Boundless creative ability and innovative capacity.

Resourceful people will always find solutions to challenges; and they will always find new and better, more efficient, and more effective ways of doing things. This translates to higher productivity, functional and rational use, as well as allocation of resources. When all is said and done, the rewards then are higher profits for business, higher returns on investment, and higher remunerations for the workers, as well as greater revenue generation for the state. And voilà, all live happily ever after!

It goes without saying therefore that my ENERVITAL Healthy & Wealthy People® will be at the top of the food chain. Given their abundant creative and innovative energy, as well as capacity catalyzed by what I do at ENERVITAL, these people make things happen; they are not made by things, and are rewarded accordingly across the board. In (the) community many of these people are generous, considerate, and kind; they have strong philanthropic engagements in many parts of the world.

If you also want to be healthy and wealthy, so you can have the necessary strength and endurance to help make this a better place for yourself and others to live to the fullest creative and innovative potential, come to ENERVITAL!

My dream: Peace on earth. All are healthy and wealthy. Abundance is real, equitable.

Simon Chilembo
Tel.: +47 97000488/ +27 717454115 (South Africa)
July 09, 2012