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Poetry for Obama

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At 1600HRS today reading poetry inspired by and dedicated to President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize award. Venue: http://ilovespringbok.com/

See earlier posting here: Link

One of the poems I read was inspired by different cirumstances in June 1992. Wondered if I live ahead of my time sometimes:


Marathon-man running wild
Long time no direction
Home at last
Finishing line a love embrace
Welcome home a kiss
That tells You the limbs are bound
You’ve fallen
Into the quicksand of love

Rolling stone hit a wall at last
Stopped dead
Suffocating moss gathered along the way
Cleansed off by touches and breathes of love
Words said this is a wall of love
That will stand the test of time

No Berlin wall
You may roll over again this great wall
Mighty stone
Rejuvenate it with your love
Paint it beautiful the colours of love
Give the wall such splendour
Even the Great Wall of China will look at it with wonder

Simon Chilembo© 09/06-92
(Performed here: Link)

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