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For all Mothers, Queens, Goddesses of the world…

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They have taken away
The half of me
God’s paint brush
Has just lost a canvas
The drawing board’s gone
Like with the storm
I remain here feeling hollow
Empty and mysterious
Like the Black Hole after the Big Bang

It is silent
Inside of me
Been told there’ll be
No more crying, no more laughter, no more pain
Inside of me
When the half of me is gone
Never to return
I feel like barren land
Existing only here and now
Anywhere I am only me and me alone
With the half of me gone
Tomorrow will remain
A distant longing
Legacy only my deeds
But then again I’ve heard told of oases in the hearts of forsaken lands
So I’ll write a song
Ode to the departed half of me
Just immortalized me

Love x love
Simon Chilembo© 31/03- 2010

NB: See The Queen here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4421293&id=723175447
Video here.


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