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Commenting on the mines nationalization debate in South Africa

@ “The ANC as a government party cannot pretend like we are a resistance movement in the running of the country and the economy … we must run the economy successfully,” … “The argument is that when we take a decision it will be implementable … and not base them on the ideological emotional feeling. We have a responsibility,” … I just love these lines!

Looks like JZ’s irrational “wounded lion” is finally awakening to the reality of demands for rational and structured thinking concomitant to good governance in a democratic country. I get goose bumps at the thought that “Feel It! It’s Here!” could also apply to the ANC’s re-invention as a credible people’s party, keenly determined to take South Africa to the highest levels of quality living standards for all.

Simon Chilembo



  1. Terje Frøsland says:

    Hello ok? You oftem make blogs?


  2. Terje Frøsland says:

    You are undoubtedly right.
    When building solid roads , you can not avoid copying others even if you don’t like the constructors.

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