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Oslo 27/ 07-2011. Simon Chilembo

Smell of Peace everywhere
Mind clearer than ever
Back In Business
On every face I hear Bob Marley: ONE LOVE, ONE HEART…
True Super People town

Oslo 27/ 07-2011. Simon Chilembo

Got it all wrong
About Super Heroes
mr terrorist
Before you gouge out your own eyes
Come I sit you on my shoulders
I fly with you over the city
I show you something very, very special

Nowhere can you set your foot
On Oslo soil now
See those Roses
By the hundreds of thousands down below
They have thorns!!!
And their tentacles spread across the land
The whole world gazes in wonder
They’ve also turned their backs on you
Poor man
You have nowhere to go
So alone now
As I shake you off my shoulders
I want to partake of the beauty of my town
Together with other
Super People of “One love, One heart…”

Oslo 27/ 07-2011. Simon Chilembo

There is a bed of Roses
Upon which we
The People of Love shall
Forever march to and from Utøya
To find more solace
To cleans our hearts of hate with our tears

My Oslo today is




Simon Chilembo, 27/07- 2011
(For Oslo 22-7 tragedy)


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