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Mr Elias Lazarus Waloba Chilembo
Copyrights: Simon Chilembo, 2012

In memory of my father, Mr Elias Lazarus Waloba Chilembo, I have, under the auspices of my Chilembo Warrior Moves, introduced a special award to recognize outstanding men who in their own unique ways contribute to making this a better world to live for all. Most importantly, these men will be a direct part of my life in things I do and stand for. These men will be sources of inspiration and strength who in their own special ways help me be a better person today than I was yesterday; they will be my teachers, my mentors, my guardian angels, my advisors, my guides, my motivators, my coaches, my brothers, my friends, my family. This is a very personal award, a very personal journey. The recipients will receive a signed diploma, accompanied by a cash donation to charity. The cash amount will vary from time to time according to my financial state there and then.

The second recipient of the award (Saturday, December 10, 2011; Oslo, Norway) is my first senior-most Karate student, Eyvind Elgesem, 4th Dan Shihan, for the Brother who is ever there, unswerving in his service and devotion to all he represents as a family man, a friend, leader and teacher of others; a man of honour and integrity carrying much wisdom and knowledge above his shoulders. Much of my growth and success in Norway I with humility owe to Eyvind’s special clarity of thought in his advice, support, and guidance of me and my ventures in Norway through the years. Waloba died in 1998; Eyvind and his family materially contributed to my ability to give him a decent and worthy burial. The emotional support I received from them I’ll carry the memory of with me to my own grave.

Eyvind Elgesem
Copyrights: Simon Chilembo 2012

Chil-Elgesem Fight Squad: Elg, Eyvind, Simon, Fridtjof
Copyrights: Simon Chilembo 2012

Simon Chilembo
Founder/ President
Chilembo Warrior Moves Karate – Development

June 21, 2012 

Tel.: +4797000488/ +27717454115



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