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So, where is
The Law of Attraction
Here I am walking around
With pre-come tension
Jammed hard
I’m looking everywhere
I want her
I need her
I long for her

©Simon Chilembo 2012

I dream I’ve collapsed into her
She has clamped my upper body onto hers
Biting my neck, my ears
Her breasts under my chest
Are Rolls Royce ride
I feel the milk of her motherhood swirl
Her nipples feel like thumbs
Prodding my chest
In agony of passion
I too bite her neck, her ears
Her hair is dewy
Smells like a wild flower early spring
Her legs have come over my hips
She drums my bums with her heels
I tremble
I turn into jelly
She twines her legs across my back
She squeezes
I gasp
I scream
I die
She cries
Come, my love!

END/ ©Simon Chilembo, 18/ 09-2012


Simon Chilembo
Tel.: +47 97000488/ +27 717454115
September 18, 2012 



  1. Grete says:

    Soon and very soon, my dear! It is all already there…. Trust and you will be brought there, too.

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