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• If poverty knew how much I loathed it, it would stop knocking on my door. It’s been trying to encroach my life for 52 years now. Time to give up.

The most treacherous thing about poverty is that it not only makes people stupid, ignorant, and vulnerable to all sorts of life’s indignities, it also is so very easy to get used to. Because it is relatively easy to adapt to poverty subjugation, it is just as easy to sell. That’s why the poor will always stay poor: “Poor people are happier than rich people; money is not everything; material things will not bring you happiness; it is God’s will; …” bla, blah, blah… go the wealthy, and those who know better. Fuckin’ hell!

• FACT, and this isn’t just another Afro-macho-ego-emptydrum-bigmouth-bullshittalk: I am a grown up man, I’m well-educated both academically and professionally, I’ve been around long-far-and-wide and so I know a lot things, I’m good at what I do and nothing compares to me. If you want my professional services, you pay my price. You want to drive a Rolls Royce you pay the price. It’s as simple as that, really.

Simon Chilembo
November 11, 2012
Tel.: +47 97000488/ +27 717 454 115 (South Africa)


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