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The Norwegian text picture above was posted on a friend’s Facebook timeline a few days ago. It reads:

  • When Africans say that it’s the girls to blame for rape because they dress up too lightly/ revealingly, is it okay then to drive over a nigger because it is dark outside?

I commented, “Why should a nigger be punished for Africans’ opinions on things? By the way, what is a nigger, really?”

Her daughter responded, “Whether it’s an African or Asian has nothing to say, Simon… it’s the point which is important to grasp… not what nationality is being referred to!”

My response to the girl (NB: My language tone, style, and presentation format would have been different had I been addressing myself to an adult, and stranger), “I hear what you say. But an important and actual message is lost in translation due to poor/ bad, and in my opinion, racist statement formulation. This is a global problem (for example)… :


… Because my opinion is that the message is presented in a racist fashion, I’d like to mention that which ought to be common knowledge in our days: Africans consist of people from many different parts of the world, with all that that entails of the people’s varying skin colours/ tones. Africans also consist of men and women, boys and girls, as well as children of both sexes. In Norway, the term ‘nigger’ is considered as insulting by many Africans with Black (and variable grades/ tones/ shades of ‘Blackness’) skin colour. I can help to formulate the message in such a way that it has a (racially) neutral and global appeal. But now I must (go to) work; 3 beautiful and sexy half-naked women are waiting to be Chi massasjed by me. Mmm, are these women risking to be raped by me, the darkest Black African (then)? Well, It’s worked out fine the last 15 years…” End of dialogue so far.

Some of the best moments in my work are when I receive a patient/ client for the first time, especially so a woman or a girl. The 3 half-naked ladies mentioned above were first-timers, all three as different as people can be in all aspects of being.

  • LADY 1: My body is stiff and painful everywhere from my toes to my head. I work hard for everybody but nobody cares about me. I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, worker, … I feel like I am everybody’s slave bitch!
    SIMON: Madame, please, in my space here at ENERVITAL, YOU are The Queen!
    LADY 1:  Nnno-o-o! Nobody ever says things like that to me!
    SIMON: But I-I-I say it, Madame!!!
    In a flash, LADY 1 looked 20 years younger, and I still don’t understand how anybody cannot be nice and loving to this very, very beautiful and sweet woman. I gave her the best Chi massasje/ Reflexology session she ever had.
  • LADY 2: Big, powerfully built woman. After her treatment, “Look, I’m also a trained health professional working at a major hospital. You are definitely the best therapist in town. But, please, you needn’t be nice next appointment; I want it harder!” Wow, my kinda patient! Chi massasje is a powerful, rhythmic, deep-tissue Therapeutic Massage technique.
  • LADY 3: Prominent public figure. Youth. Almost swept me off my feet with her charm. Super Nature light filled up ENERVITAL. “SUPERB!” she said after her treatment. Gave me a mean thank-you-so-much-hug. I’m still singing loud in my head: HOW I WISH I WERE YOUNG…. HOW I WISH I WERE YOUNG… HOW I WISH I WERE YOUNG!!!

Simon Chilembo
April 24, 2013
Tel.: +47 97000488/ +27 717 454 115 (South Africa)


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