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Simon Chilembo, CEO/ President

Simon Chilembo, President/ Author


My name is Simon Chilembo, Man of the World, Lover of Life, Lover of Humanity, Free Spirit, Warrior of the goodAdherent of Democracy, fairness and justice. Critical thinker – Humanities & Social Sciences; Author, Publisher: I write and publish books.


I am a semi-retired Health & Wellness Entrepreneurial Warrior. My specializations are Medical Massage Therapy/ medisinsk massasje, Reflexology, and Fitness Training. 

I retired from teaching Karate in 2013. Until June 2012 I ran two Karate clubs of my own in Oslo and Nesodden. Now I am a Rōnin, with my own independent and eponymous Karate development society, Chilembo Warrior Moves Karate Development. My teacher and life mentor of more than 30 years is Professor Stephen Chan.

From my over 40 years of Martial Arts training and teaching experience, I have developed a fitness training concept called ChiTopLevelFitness. The core elements here are endurance, rhythm, balance, and power.

As certified NLP Master Practitioner I have expert knowledge in Life/ Executive Coaching, empowering people to manage more effectively transformations in their private and professional lives.



Order, read, and be inspired by my 7th book, Covid-19 and I: Killing Conspiracy Theories. It might just save your life. 

Production management.

Purchase my novels and books on Amazon/ Kindle e-Books:

1. WHEN THE MIGHTY FALL – rise again mindgames

2. MACHONA – Emigrant 

3. MACHONA AWAKENING – Home in Grey Matter

4. MACHONA SON – Ain’t Going Nowhere


6. MACHONA MOTHER – Shebeen Queen

7. COVID-19 AND I – Killing Conspiracy Theories

8. MACHONA POETRY – Rage and Slam in Tigersburg

I was born in Thabong Location, Welkom, South Africa; and went to several different schools in Lesotho, South Africa, up to university in Zambia and, later, Norway. The  city of my birth, Welkom, is a melting pot. Its one time vibrant gold mining industry attracted people from all over the country, Africa, and many other parts of the world. I believe that the  multi-cultural attribute of Welkom has strongly contributed to making me the kind of dynamic and easily adaptable man that I am.

St Rose Catholic Mission, Peka, Lesotho, 1968.

St Rose Catholic Mission, Peka, Lesotho, 1968.

My strength, my will to survive, my ethical and moral values have greatly been influenced by my parents. I often brag about being a self-made man; but, nay, the foundation was laid by my parents. These two wonderful people came from the most humble living circumstances on either side. They are the world’s most terrific parents. How they managed to build themselves, from absolute nothing, to become very decent human beings will always be a great source of inspiration for me.

The spirit of my parents is always with me both in times of joy or hours of darkness.  My mother inculcated in us very early in life the entrepreneurial spirit my two siblings and I have. On the other hand, my father always emphasized and displayed honesty, fairness, justice, patience, tolerance, endurance, inclusiveness, and generosity. From my childhood days, I recall with awe the extreme all-embracing and philanthropic nature of my parents towards the less resourceful and less fortunate around us wherever we were, no matter how little we had.  And in my family, we’ve always loved a party. 

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”

I think a lot and critically about, and I have strong opinions on things. My choice to not be overly visible, or controversial in the wider public domain is more a personal disposition matter than that of fear of powers that be in the public discourse. As a free spirit in the free world I think and act as I please. If and when I must fight I shall.  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chilembo_media_logo_watermark.pngOn the ‘Home’ page I write occasional blogs on various subjects of interest and concern to me. I’m solely responsible for the contents of my blogs, and my books as well. I write freely to please my own creative urges first and foremost. My books are a next level expression of my literary creativity enlivenment. I live the meaning of my surname, Chilembo. In my Zambian Tumbuka nation, Chilembo means The Written Word. I will happily engage in constructive dialogues with anybody who may wish to communicate with me directly concerning my writings.

If you feel that I can help you in any way with one or more of the things that I do above, do not hesitate to get in touch. I help many, many people from all walks of life, with different conditions and needs. 

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CONTACT me here:
Tel./ WhatsApp: +47 92525032
SKYPE: live:xkvizit1 

“Live as you think; think as you live” – Simon Chilembo, 2009.




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  2. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Hello Simon 🙂 Fantastic that you have a blog on wordpress. You are a true warrior. I am writing poetry on mine so please do have a look when you get the time. Super! 🙂

  3. Emmanuel Parmar says:

    Hey ( Sensei ) Simon, this is Emmanuel, I was at Kamwala and also with Sensei Ajit and Sensei Anvar. Its a joy to find you !

    • Hello, hello, Emmanuel! What a wonderful surprise. I remember you very well; still see your happy face as vividly as if it hasn’t been more than 30 years since the last time, at both Kamwala and Trinity Karate Club. Yes, pure joy to link up here. All the best for 2018 and all the years ahead. And, where in the world do you live these days, then?

      • Emmanuel PArmar says:

        I am In Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
        Been here since 1992.
        You know I told Nandan and Mahesh about you and they were also very excited to hear about you.
        Funakoshi Dojo was extremely awesome.
        We learnt it the way it should be learnt.
        My God you were invincible. I am really very proud of your achievements.
        Lets hook up on Facebook.

      • Do, pls, greet Nandan and Mahesh for me, Emmanuel. Yes, our Funakoshi Dojo rocked like no other. I have regular contact with Sensei Ajit Mangali. He is here in South Africa, Durban. Best always. Hoss! 🌞✊💪👊

      • Emmanuel says:

        Oh Wow ! Great to hear you are still in touch with Sensei Ajit.
        I will tell Nandan and Mahesh…. nice to hear from you Sir.

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