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Yoga message from John

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Namaste Angel!

Tomorrow Friday the 13th of November we will be having a very special class.

We will introduce Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 2, Mahamudra The Great Seal with Meditations on the Six Flavors of Emptiness.

We will be exploring the deep connections to our thoughts, breath, subtle body physical body and how these relate to our experience of the world and our capacity to help others.

Time: 18:00, Friday the 13th
Location: ENERVITAL Helse & Velvære, Cort Adelers gt. 33, 1.etg

The class is free. Bring your friends along!Here is my number in case you have trouble finding the place: 4796 1465.


This will be our last class until February 2010 so we hope to see you there.

 Peace and Love

John and Liyang


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