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Twenty years on
And The Spear lives…

Second time around
I hail from far beyond the seas
From beyond the highest mountains
I’ve zoomed over the widest deserts too
If you could fly
You’d choose to soar over to me
We sing along
In praise of freedom
I hope

Out here
Where my freedom
Chose to land me
I strive every waking minute
To keep my spear sharp-pointed
At its tip there’s a piece of diamond
Toiling to find it’s place
I can only balance
The golden shaft
Not an easy task
In my shaky way
I conjure The Spear
When Madiba Face appears
Everything is alright

Madiba face
Madiba charm
Madiba aura
Madiba Glow
Madiba dance
(Make) Freedom
Ahhh… smell so good…
Ahhh… taste so sweet…
Ahhh… feel so fine…

For Madiba lives
Twenty years on …


© Simon Chilembo  February 13, 2010

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  1. […] well! Madiba Dance is in good hands Please, allow me to tread your footsteps Only then Can I throw The Spear ahead That’s your legacy […]

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