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No morals, no rule!

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Responding to blog article here.

In the free world, moral rectitude and ethical awareness are pillars of leadership. History is full of examples of empires and modern corporations collapsing as a result of corrupt morals and lack of ethical standards on the part of their leaders and, subsequently their subjects/ subordinates. You want to dominate a people totally you corrode their moral and ethical fibre, much as colonialism and later apartheid did to SA people. This was, and still is evident in the squalar of township life, where the most sordid of jungle laws often prevail. e.g. like in primitive wars, in the t/ships it’s not over, or you won’t have demonstrated your superiority and power, until you’ve fucked your neighbours or the next man’s wife and daughter/-s.

As a modern state propounding democratic principles embedded in uBuntu (whatever that means to our leaders), SA cannot be run like it’s one large orgy-township-land, or like it’s still one liberation movement in exile where sex was pervasively used extreme-junglelaw-township-style as a tool of manipulation, power, domination, control, and even total destruction of victims’ lives. “Everyone is doing it”!? Jesus! In the townships every dog (dog animal and Top Dog) does it, even right in front children. Those who want to run SA like it’s country of mammals in the Discovery Channel must never again be given the mandate to rule. Sorry, no morals, no rule!


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