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No change, adaptation, victory, no CEO!

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It’s a globally observable phenomenon that in business and economics this is White Man’s world, from education (MBA’s, etc) to leadership, power and control, through discoveries/ inventions to innovation. The most successful non-White economies in the world are so because they produce and manage largely according to standards established in the Western world; and even if their own markets are huge (the Far East), they produce things whose development and demand originally came from White Man’s world.

My point is, politics aside, you want to rise in White Man’s corporate world, know and understand how these people think. In my opinion, White Man will remain the most powerful business being on earth because He/ She is a master of changing, winning, and adapting, brutal as he/ she can be. Top corporate leadership requires skills that are not learnt in a classroom or shebeens. Dare to enter White People’s informal world in your climb in the corporate ladder! That’s where things happen. I am CEO of my own successful enterprise in the Whitest country in the world, by the way.


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