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At the Memorial Concert in Oslo, the Prime Minister said, “‎”Let’s honour the dead by loving life”: NRK – http://www.nrk.no/nett-tv/indeks/309688/ 


Big Boys don’t cry
And yet there goes my last teardrop
With the last full stop.

The teardrop fell with a quite QUM!
Into the river
I understood the echo would return
A 1000 years after we’ll all be gone

Good I wept instead
For the river is here, it is now
Unlike my voice
The river song never ends
How can it when for you and I
I counted
1 drop, 2 drops, … 22 teardrops
1 drop, 2 drops, … 7 teardrops
1 drop, 2 drops, … 2 011 teardrops

And then it thundered in my head
At the waterfalls
The nightmare has begun
I cry in the dark
1 drop, 2 drops, … 8 giant teardrops
I lose my breath
I can’t see
I pass out

©Simon Chilembo, 2012

I come to in a daze
There is smoke
There is dust
There is so much noise
I’m drenched
Oh, no,
9 drops, 10 drops, … 76 monster teardrops
Blood everywhere

Teardrop number 77
Took with it all of
My prayer for peace

The river of our tears
Is here, it is now
It will forever flow
Take my hand
We walk into the river
Each and every one of our teardrops
Had in it written
A song of love
The Joy of Life

See, The Angels above are dancing
They know
This is for their love

©Simon Chilembo, 23/ 07-2012
(In memory of 22/07-2011 fatal victims)

Telephone: +47 97000488/ +27 717454115


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