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In response to Dear Jonathan ‘Balls of Steel’ Shapiro

I choose not to judge or condemn. Unfortunately I neither recall the title nor the author, but in this sex psychology book I read as a teenager, the writer crushed hard the myths around male musterbation and sodomy (e.g. hair growth in hands, lunacy, etc.). He basically argued that an erect dick is only interested in ejaculating and giving the body of the owner this powerful, addictive sweet sensation. The dick has no brains, doesn’t think therefore. This means that essentially the dick does not know the difference between the vagina and other orifices; it will respond to any appropriate stimulatory touch/ sensation leading to orgasm. Similarly, the vagina does not know the difference between a dick and any other identical and functional object by shape and design; it simply responds to any appropriate form of stimulatory touch/ sensation also.

Because it is the owners of the sexual organs who have the brains, and can supposedly think therefore, sexual desire and its attendant ultimate fulfilment by any means has to be a prerogative of the former. We should therefore lead our dicks, and not the other way round. So, the metaphor is that if you are a dick you are in deep trouble ‘cause you have no brains, you can’t think, and you are driven by primordial instincts culminating in a vicious cycle of lust and potential deceit. In a society of ethics and morals, rules and laws to regulate human behaviour, dick-heads do not have an easy time coming indiscriminately around.

In a world I know well, one of definitions of being a man is not about how much pussy the man’s dick conquers at any cost, but how much resistance to temptation the man teaches his dick to show, no matter how easy-come-easy-go pussy may be.

The REAL SPEAR is here: The Spear Lives, Part 2

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  1. […] work take place in the only brain I have in my head, the one above my shoulders. As far as I know my penis contains no part or parts of my brains, and neither do my testicles. I get a kick out of being an anti-thesis of racial stereotyping […]

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