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Up until age seventeen it was a matter of course that I was headed to be a Doctor of Medicine when grown up. Three years earlier in my township, Thabong, Welkom, I had already picked out a spot where I’d build my clinic and gym when done with my Doctor studies in Durban. But then again my extreme teenage anger hit its peak about that time, getting meaner and meaner with age till I was about thirty-two years old. At the latter age I am in Norway, and two very significant things happen about the same time: I fall in Love, and I’m introduced to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). My life would never be the same again.

Love told me that sustained, long-term anger eats the body up. The body will eventually die, but before then it will have endured a lot of pain and misery; such intense pain incurable even by the strongest medicines to the extent that anger lasts. Love was warm and soothing; gave me hope that all will be fine in the end. When the end came, I went out of Love, never to return.

NLP told me it was okay to choose to get and remain angry all my life. But is that what I really want? NLP taught me how to speak with me, myself, and I. For many years NLP drilled me to get to appreciate the who, the where, the what, the when, and the how of things, as well as my reality in its concurrent objective and subjective nature. A new man was born. Almost 20 years later COOL Coaching (Chilembo Optimal Outcomes Life Coaching) was begot. I have never been happier in my life.

Love soothed my body pains with touch of hands my body over. I would have these blazing headaches, and Love would stroke my back to my neck, enfolding my head with her hands. When it was over, the headaches would be replaced by the song “I Can See Clearly Now” humming softly in my head. When Love touched my feet, I would experience pure delight. Ten years on, Chilembo Nordic Chi massasje was born. In search of my feet I went to study Reflexology, and I understood the origin of the pure delight at the touch of them.

©Simon Chilembo 2012

My Chilembo House of ENERVITALis a sanctuary of the three most powerful Health & Wellness therapeutic tools I know: COOL Coaching, Chi massasje, Reflexology, ChiTopLevelFitness®. I have made them to the extent that my obstinate innovativeness has made my working methods and techniques unique and special; no one compares to me. Absolutely everything I do with my treatment methods and techniques I do have a personal experience of. I will never apply things I do not know, or can attest for from personal experience. The positive outcomes of the things I do have very little to do with belief or faith. They work simply because they work. That’s it! If the desired outcomes (e.g., better/ improved quality of life/ living) are not attained, it may be because I have not done a good job as a result of my own therapeutic failings. I am the living laboratory and reference of the outcomes of my work; having had my own shares of allergies, foods intolerances, anxieties, insomnia, etc.

I have never had the experience of any serious, life-threatening illness such as cancer. This is way above my league. Serious illnesses will and must always be the domain of qualified and authorized Medical Doctors and other relevant auxiliary personnel. If only I had known of Anger Management as a teenager. Bummer!!!

Simon Chilembo
Tel.: +47 97000488/ +27 717454115
August 29, 2012 


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