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I once again emphasize that I am the proudest Black African man I know.

©Simon Chilembo, 09/ 12-2012

My fear of China is not so much of the people of the land, but the mode of governance and social control of the people by the ruling state apparatus. The people of China have given us Bruce Lee after all. They have given us TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well. But life without Google must be an excruciatingly painful emotional experience. On the other hand, and seen from a purely business perspective, Communist China impressively runs globally the most efficient and effective State Capitalism industrial-commercial complex expansion today.

One of my best long assignment papers while a student at UNZA almost 30 years ago was in response to the question: IS AFRICAN POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC INTEGRATION FEASIBLE? I took the position NO!  Acknowledging, though, that the political and economic integration of the continent would be a massively effective development and progress machine were it to be attainable and sustained. I argued that if the concept failed to work at the then EEC level, there is no way it can work in Africa. This was because, I went on, post-colonial Africa was/ is polarized in more or less similar political and philosophical thought, as well as political economy orientation as the former European colonial masters. The same polarization is observable at the socio-cultural influence levels also.

It is my contention that 21st century Europe owes it to Africa, and not in the least the world, to get its act together. From a historical perspective, it is an acknowledgeable fact the events in Europe, as well as consequences of global European adventures and misadventures, have had a bearing as to the direction of progress and development of/ in other parts of the world. I shudder to think about the likely nature of power relations in the world should China eventually break and take over the global hegemony of the Western European way of living and social organization. Therefore, it is my hope that the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 2012 awarded to the EUROPEN UNION will continue inspiring Europeans to continue working towards finding a common ground of addressing and solving the enormous economic and political challenges facing Europe and the world today. The Union must continue the decidedly important effort of contributing to “… the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”, as well as the rest of the world.

Simon Chilembo
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October 10, 2012 



  1. mK2 says:

    Indeed. The Union need to shape up. Nato shouldn’t be the level of engagement with the rest of the world. We need sober heads. Let me pick your thought Morena. The emergence of China should also be seen as an opportunity for the country to learn from the world and the world learing from China too. Yea, fear of the unknown is very valid, yet it should not cloud our thought process. Having said that, from your vantage position, what would be the besy way to engage China, beyond UNSC veto politics? I remain yours, mK2.

  2. Mi Lord! Had this been an academic presentation, or had I had the time of a student, I would have demonstrated more elaborately my clarity of mind regarding my view of China contra my fears. It should suffice to say, though, that I have drawn distinctions with respect to China the state, the people of China and their cultural aspects, as well as China the capitalist enterprise machine.

    I by choice am not into big politics. As you may well know, I’m more into business and culture. The latter, with respect to how I relate to China in this case, conditioned by my 40 years’ and continuing Martial Arts training and high exposure to Oriental philosophy. When taught properly, Oriental Martial Arts training can groom the most sophisticated thinkers and productive, conscientious people. Please see an earlier posting on the subject here: https://chilembowarriormoves.com/2011/08/24/karate-black-belt-romance-mystic/ . In business we can learn and apply to production and service the Chinese work ethic, conditioned as it may be by the county’s both glorious and brutal past. What modern China wants and needs, modern China buys. And they make it seem so easy. What is it about China’s negotiations skills and strategies? What is it about China that makes them be able to “see into the future” and therefore make such awesomely effective long-term strategies to safeguard their own power interests? For example, China’s current pounce on Africa is not necessarily a new phenomenon of the 21st Century: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Dpp6n2QGsQ. Worth noting, perhaps, is that as a school pupil in Lusaka in 1976, I waved at Chairman Mao Tse Tung upon his arrival on a state visit to Zambia. The Rolls Royce in which he and President Kaunda were sitting went passed at such a distance to make each one of my class mates and I think Mao had actually looked, and waved at each one of us individually!

    From my vantage position, above is therefore the best way to engage China.

    At your service.

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