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Thinking of immigrant fathers all over the world, on Fathers’ Day. Many sons and daughters of immigrant fathers in South Africa have contributed to making the country a better place to live for all, and they still do. Reflective June 16 to all: Who am I? What am I? What can I do for my country?

Simon Chilembo

Inspired by: Lynching Black Men

I had first picked it up in his voice on the phone. Calling him from Oslo at his work place in Pretoria about once a week in the latter part of the 1990s, I could hear him sounding ever more tired each time we spoke. He would of course express tremendous delight upon hearing my voice, proudly shouting to his colleagues,  “My son is calling from overseas!”

When I last saw him Easter time 1996, he was as charming as ever. But he was beginning to look a little frail. And it seemed he had stopped caring too much about his hair, which he always groomed immaculately before, dying it pitch black constantly.

I was just beginning to find my way around in Norway at that time myself, and coming home to Welkom that Easter, I had bought presents for everyone. I even paid for…

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  1. […] Warrior Moves Karate Development, I introduced an annual Waloba Prize in memory of my father, the late Mr Elias Lazarus Waloba Chilembo, to recognize, highlight, and celebrate the value in my life of some of these men: – 2011: […]

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