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©Simon Chilembo, 2013

Much to my chagrin, on the one hand and elation on the other, an exciting 15 and 5 years Oslo journey of my Chilembo Nordic Chi massasje (CNCm®) , COOL Coaching® and my ENERVITAL Health & Wellness Centre, respectively, has come to an end. My time to practice what I preach has arrived: self-discovery, self-knowledge, self-renewal, and self-reinvention. New beginnings, journeys, destinations, visions, and energies are ever such a thrill. I am alive again! Not that I’ve been dead though. I’ve been living to stay alive for some time; now I’m again starting to live to live and create, as well as sustain new levels of personal development and business success for myself, and others wishing to come aboard and ride with me.

©Simon Chilembo, 2013

Over the years I have used at least 20 000 hours working with some of the finest human beings anywhere. Many have come and gone, and our paths have never crossed again. Many have come and gone, and our paths do cross each other once in while. One or two have come and gone; if their paths led, or will lead, them to hell I wouldn’t be surprised.

And others came and stayed, followed me everywhere, developing strong business/ friendship relationships in time; opening mutually our inner worlds to each other, learning more of each other about the art of living and staying alive. When time to die finally comes, we take it with dignity and honour. But it can wait. No hurry.

What a privilege to have been allowed to follow the development and growth of many of these people! We are all human. We all aspire for the same things, albeit for variable reasons, and in varying degrees. We all fall in love, stay in love, fall out of love. We all rise and shine in our families, careers, businesses, and jobs. We all fall. Some rise again, and some never rise again. But all remain ever wonderful, with always a word or touch of advice, encouragement, support, motivation, inspiration, and, indeed, love.

All these people gave me a lot of money for my work, and made me rich. I am a wealthy man. I have things. I own things. I have lived high. I have travelled: Been there, done that. But all these things are just what they are, things. They will give lasting or temporary joy, comfort, and protection. But in the end they are things. They too come and go. If it’s things you put inside your body by way of food and drink, they end up in the toilet, never the same again. Shit. If it’s external pleasure/ comfort things, they may out-live you, they may get stolen, or fire might destroy them. What do you do when a tornado comes? Things are things, to do or not to do with or without them is never the question. Pay the price, or get them for free, do what you have to do with them, enjoy them while they last: Or who shall go first?

©Simon Chilembo, 2013

The wealth, and the great experiences facilitated by wealth acquisition and ownership, my people above have enabled me to have cannot be a measure of their value in my life. These people first and foremost recognized and acknowledged my humanity. They respected my knowledge and skills. They had confidence and faith in me, and what I do, as well as stand for professionally, and in life in general. They became my confidants, my mentors, my coaches. They told me I’m good all the time. Some of them saw me take a major fall 6 years ago. I saw my world fall apart. I felt very alone; anger, frustration, and bitterness eating me hard inside. Within the walls of ENERVITAL, infused by the life force of CNCm®, my confidants have helped me to put the pieces together. The job’s done, I am alive again! Although I earnestly want my Rolex, my Mercedes, and my money back, I’ll still have a very good life if they decide to end up in hell as well, like the one or two people whose paths may have, or will lead, them to hell as mentioned above. I couldn’t live without the love and care of the people I work with, the people I serve, though. I’m addicted to love. THANK YOU ALL!

Saul Sowe, Master Health & Wellness Practitioner

Saul Sowe, Master Health & Wellness Practitioner
Working in The Gambia, 2005

Lastly, but not least, I would like to thank in the biggest way, my Dear Brother, Saul Sowe, who inspired and started it all, actually. He generously took me under his wings in the early years. Took me to The Gambia, and changed my life forever. Hei, Banjul, I’ll be back!!!

Tel.: +47 97000488/ +27 717 454 115 (South Africa)

June 25, 2013



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