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Sex is cheap. Sex is so cheap nearly all living things do it. Dogs do sex. Snakes do sex. Bees do sex. Seen solely as a reproductive means, even the wind does sex; Virgin Mary knows, ask God. Celibates do sex. Sex is no big deal.

Essentially, sex is about one thing, and one thing only: 6-20 seconds of the pure delight of orgasm. Some struggle to, or never, experience it at all; some get it too quick, too soon. But that doesn’t change the basic instinct behind the pursuit and, and the ultimate motive for indulging in sex. Cheap stuff.

Sure thing, baby baking is the highest ultimate real outcome of sex. But, certainly baby production is not the driving force behind the need, and the desire, to do sex. It’s orgasm first, then babies, where applicable and intended, or even accidental. There would long have been no more room on earth if babies were conceived every orgasm hit, if doing sex was primarily a baby factory act.

At its rawest, sex is the cheapest thing. And yet it has the power to make people very rich. Sex also makes people very poor everyday, all over the world. Sex is cheap power, and it works all the time. When people pay for sex, they are not paying for the act itself, actually. They are paying for accessories. We call them apps these days.

The subjective aspects of sex, touching emotions of love, preferences and choices, are what complicates this cheap thing called sex. People want, and like, to have sex packaged in certain ways. And, more often than not, sex partner targets are very specific. This is how artificial value adding apps come into the picture. And this is how sex crimes arise as people aspire for sex targets they either can’t match, and/ or can’t afford.

In a perfect world, the specific nature of sex partner targets as influenced by emotions of love and affection will be as random as people are born where they are born. And the people will have the personal all round attributes they will have at, and from, birth. Some people will even prefer, because they are who and what they are, to have themselves as their own sexual partners. They will do sex alone in their private worlds, neither harming nor pleasuring no one but themselves. Cheap and effective; assuming no huge investments in mechanical and such apps. And, of course, there are some who’ll do sex with practically anything, whatever the costs, financial and/ otherwise. Sex is so cheap it can make people even cheaper emotionally, spiritually, and, not in the least, economically.

If we accept the specific nature of sex partners and sex turn-ons choices and preferences; and if we accept that love is a guarantor of satisfactory and uplifting sexual relations, thereby promoting and sustaining peace and harmony in society, ensuring stability and growth in the present and the future, we must also acknowledge, accept, and respect that at times human behaviour will be incongruent to conventional wisdom as propagated by the majority. From a Human Rights perspective as promulgated in the free world, people must be allowed to love who they love, regardless of sex, race, creed, or faith. Archaic laws inhibiting these must be repealed forthwith. And, we know that historically, when people rise against abuse and denial of their right to full self-expression as free citizens of the world, the tide just cannot be stopped until the people have attained their freedom. Who knows it better that African people, the most oppressed people on earth? Africa will always lag behind the rest of the world as long as it does not get its developmental priorities right.

Chasing people around to see who does sex with whom? Arresting men who have sex with men they love, and women who do the same? What a waste of fucking time and resources!
Simon Chilembo
South Africa
February 16, 2014
Tel.: +27 717454115


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