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I am in love with myself, deeply so. I love myself more than I love anybody or any other thing else, much more than I love my women, my Rolexes, and my Mercedeses.


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My parents, my siblings, my children from other fathers, my brothers and sisters from other mothers, my teachers, and my God do not come into the picture here; for them the love is supreme. It is because of the great love I have for me that I can have the awesome capacity to love I happen to posses. In my private moments, I thoroughly convince myself that I am the greatest thing called man to ever walk the face of the earth; for all times. I am the best there is anywhere on planet earth. Beyond planet earth I really do not care much about. Spielberg tried with ET, The Extra Terrific. It didn’t work. What a most unhandsome guy! He still charms the world, though. #SIAFA-Secretly I am a Fan. But I’m still the best. Nevertheless, could I have chosen, I know for sure that I would have come out a totally different man. Perhaps still as overly narcissistic and with the same love I have for my people, as well as my opulent life-style play things, but very different all the same.

Given the hard realities of life as a Black man in a hard world, a Black man born and raised in the hot bed of anti-Black racism Apartheid South Africa, if prior to my conception I could have chosen my parents, they most certainly would have been of White aristocracy class in, say, England. And I would have been born in North London somewhere, say, Chorleywood. That would have been real cool. I would have chosen to be tall and slender, say, 2m. My body would have been one of those which respond well to physical exercise training, such that I would go strutting around with the neatest and perfectly ribbed sex-pack, above which would be the finest sculptured chest and the most perfect squared broadest shoulders. My hair would be David Bowie blond, of course. Never mind he hailed from South London. London is London. Blond is blond, and we have more fun. That’s just the way it is. It would have been real nice to have been White by choice and became part of the most powerful people on earth, both for the bad and the good. But then again, I became, I am Black. How it would turn out to be that my parents would be Black and African in Africa I have no idea of; and I really do not care much about that. For I am Black, I am. I did not, I never, not that I could ever, choose to be Black. Black is the nature of me, the nature of my being, with all my bad and good attributes, as well as my strengths. I have no time for weaknesses. I remain the proudest Black man I know. But, to be honest, I could have been spared the Black curse.

I am short, chubby with a pot belly, and black as coal. I have a flat nose, have a roundish face, have short curly black hair, I have small ears, have little body hairs, have a sickeningly inflated ego. I have loads of physical and mental endurance. I have a huge appetite for food and the good life. I am independent, I am creative, I am emotional, I am my parents’ first child together, and, oh, I am a heterosexual man with profound love for women. These qualities of and about me I do not recall ever choosing, or making a conscious pre-order of, they were pre-packaged in my parents’ sexual reproductive cells. It’s called genetics work, through which a thing called DNA will be understood to be, and contains the intrinsic truth about me, where I come from, and where I am likely to end up as a consequence of my all-round inherent personal attributes. I popped out of my mother’s birthing organ predestined to be the kind of man and person I am today. It’s all in my DNA. I can, of course, if and when necessary, with relative ease make and learn to live with cosmetic and behavioural changes to suit, and adapt to changing and changed circumstances, but that can never change the real essence of my being; who I am, and what I am.  Once the reproductive cells fusion is done, the DNA is signed, sealed, and delivered; that’s me in full from cradle to the grave. So is everyone else, really. That’s being human for you.

Because I am educated, I have gone to school, I have read all kinds of books, I have had quality social intelligence, academic education, and professional training, I have an open mind, and, most importantly, I think. My lifelong education and training have taught, and continue to teach me how to think critically, philosophically, and, fundamentally, scientifically. Because I am a whole and rounded intellectual being, I do allow myself to think and feel spiritually too. That way, the dreamer and visionary in me is kept alive. Imperfections allowed, of course, science is about factual knowledge within certain generally agreed upon parameters in given epochal paradigms. Spirituality is about intangible concepts of hope and faith, although that for which hope and faith are, or may be inspired may be tangible. For example, all things remaining equal, under given atmospheric conditions, when two bodies the material compositions, strength and stress tolerance, mass, and velocity of which are known are on a definite collision course, it can with precision to the finest detail be predicted the outcomes and effects of their impending crash. Ever played snooker? However, ignorance about the mentioned factors would lead to random outcomes speculations based on the observer’s expectations as conditioned by their hopes and faith. Spiritually speaking, hope kindles visions and expectations; faith sets these in motion without any guarantees that the expected outcomes would be attained, leaving it all in the mechanizations of intangible forces beyond the observer’s control. Oh, my God! So, when we die, it is hoped we shall go to heaven, with faith activating certain rituals, practices, and rules meant to consolidate the hope carried out. But no one really knows where heaven really is, or what it really looks like. From a scientific point of view, heaven, and/ or its anti-thesis, hell, are speculative human fantasy creations. When misses are recorded in spirituality thinking and practice domains, which is more often than not, all kinds of implausible explanations and excuses will then be made and given. This is bad faith; faith abused and misunderstood.

Not far from religious spiritualism with God as the supreme deity representing perfection, and holding humanity’s fate in his/ her hands, is the philosophy of denial characteristic of African thinkers and intellectuals whose goal and mission is the praiseworthy pursuit of regaining, restoring, and preserving in a sustainable way lost African sense of identity and integrity in relation to the generations long White supremacist imperialistic domination and exploitation across the board. They lose it when they reason with strong emotions and sentiments based on non-scientifically verifiable and testable cultural and traditional oral traditions fairytales of our ancestors’ so-called glorious past before the arrival of the barbaric White man.

It is understandable that, in the absence of previous knowledge or precedence, an unexpected manifestation of a break from the norm, or norms of things, could and would lead to all kinds of speculations as to the causalities and implications when the tools of scientific research, analysis, and explanation are either non-available, or simply not known. Ignorance is the mother, reinforcer, and sustainer of paranoia, almost, if not totally incurable traumas, and taboos.

The power and value of language to and for humanity is in its ability to enable humanity to give sensible explanations and meanings to observable phenomena, even speculative ones for that matter. Language complexity and sophistication grow exponentially the more it dares to seek to find out ever more about both its immediate and distant environments. Ever observed how growing up children learn how to speak? This is how names, the order of things and events can be made. This is how knowledge can be preserved, passed on, and can be tested and refined on and on for generations upon generations as long as humanity walks this earth. This is how knowledge has been, and continues to improve the overall human condition on earth, making humanity the most powerful of creatures in the universe, until language, through scientific observations of phenomenon across the universe via the numerous outer space research and exploratory missions of all kinds and magnitudes, reveals something else.

Much as language can be expository and revelatory in enlightenment environments and epochs, it can also be secretive and denialistic, as well as conspiratory in environments and ages of darkness and ignorance, as well as fear of the unknown consequent upon the latter. So, in the darkest Africa of the past and the present, what is an exception rather than the rule is observed when men are seen not only showing amorous attraction towards one another, but actually having active sexual intercourse with one another. Not knowing how to relate to this unusual phenomenon, terrified ancient and contemporary Africans allow their minds to narrow up in perspective in fear and panic, inhibiting their normal and natural language development to seek to look deeper into this happening between natural people expressing and living one of the most fundamental aspects of being human, love and its making among people who are romantically fond of one another.

When language habitually shies away from, or denies the existence of a phenomenon, it is natural that in time the phenomenon’s description will not be part of the language vocabulary, or if it once were before, it will wear off and be discarded, that as an escapist, self-preservation, or self-annihilation measure. In contemporary Africa, by denying the right to exist for homosexuals, Africans are well in the process of self-annihilation because among these persecuted and murdered same-sex people in love are some of the most gifted, most intelligent, most able, most creative, most dependable, most compassionate, most productive people perpetually developmentally backwards Africa needs. Very angry African homosexuality denialist, ‘Now you have just shown your true colours as an Uncle Tom, Mr Chilembo. You have played right into the hands of Whiteman’s clutches on the minds of African people. These people have introduced homosexuality and gays in our glorious African societies and cultures as part of their concerted effort to eradicate us from the face of the earth. They even deliberately and systematically created HIV/ AIDS via gays and planted it in Africa, don’t you know? There is no way homosexuality can be African when in my language, for example, we do not have a word for it. Chances are that the first gay man you heard about, or came across was White, not so?’
Mr Chilembo, ‘The first gay man I ever saw was an African, actually. I was not more than ten years old. Everybody knew, but nobody spoke about him because there apparently were no words to describe and relate to him.  He led a very miserable and tragic life much to the detriment of the community’s own sense of safety and well-being. Assigning no names to known phenomena and occurrences in nature and reality will never make them disappear. Homosexuality is as human as skin pigmentation defining human diversity, it’ll never go away in Africa, or anywhere else in the world. Deal with it, and have a good life!’

Scientifically speaking, all things remaining equal, when male and female human reproductive cells merge, commencing the complex and sophisticated process of conception, the final outcome will be a child of either the male or female sex. The new born babies will have, just like their perfect parents, perfectly-formed heads, five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, relevant sexual organs; beautiful babies. And they will shriek tempestuously upon being clapped on the butt. Normal, healthy babies. When they grow up, they shall repeat the same cycle with their own sexual reproduction partners. And such rolls perfect life cycles in a perfect world. Scientifically verifiable and repeatable with the same precisely predicted outcomes over and over again.

In science, things are true and remain so to the extent that certain pre-defined conditions are fulfilled, and remain constant. Therefore the conditional statement: All things remaining equal. All who have gone to school, can at least read and write their own names, and have read a book or two, have a very comfortable and reassuring relationship with that statement, all things remaining equal to the extent that their intellects and reasoning capacities are not polluted by bad faith and parochial superstition holding their minds in the dark ages of utter ignorance and stupidity. The conditional statement is of utmost importance for the scientific mind of reason, logic, structure, and philosophy because science does acknowledge imperfections and unpredictabilities in, and of nature. That’s just how the world and life are.
So, from the example of two bodies on a collision course above, in the event that a third previously unknown force appears so as to distort the previously known velocity of the one body or the other, the eventual outcome will definitely not be the same as the originally anticipated. It will follow, therefore, that in an ever changing, or ever vulnerable to change nature with its attendant uncertainties, there are ever no guarantees that at conception, the child to develop and grow will be born perfect and whole, both from the point of view of physical attributes and subjective personal qualities unfolding with age and time. Some children may be born with all forms of physical deformities, mental and intellectual deficiencies of varying degrees, hormonal imbalances, twins may be born adjoined, and many other complications and abnormalities when things go wrong for a myriad of reasons. These are normal biological outcomes when biological processes and systems fail to hold true to normal expected outcomes because for one reason or another, all things pertaining to normal foetal development and growth to a child being born did not, or could not remain equal. Ask post-Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb explosion children. It goes without saying, therefore, that, to the extent that they are an inherent feature of non-emotional human anatomy and physiological organization and functioning, sexual capacities and preferences later on in life will be normal or abnormal BUT NOT UNNATURAL in so far as all things remain (-ed) equal or not, even long before the merging of the future parents’ reproductive cells. And this is a common human development phenomenon cutting across race, tribe, creed, status, and world continental origin.  Simple, straight forward scientific logic making perfect sense to any enlightened minds of the world.

As highly subjective and emotive the concept of human love may be, it is possible to scientifically demonstrate that:

  • Love is a natural and basic human needs attribute.
  • Love is, and/ or can be specific and selective.
  • Love is felt and experienced differentially according to the object it is given to, or directed towards.
  • Love is felt and experienced differentially according to its source and origin.
  • Romantic love in practice is indiscriminate, regardless of whether it works or not. People will love who they love:
    – People will love short/ tall people
    – People will love fat/ thin people
    – People will love stupid/ clever people
    – People will love poor/ wealthy people
    – People will love all kinds of people and things: Men, Women, Green, Yellow,
    Black, White, Coconut,  Purple, Magenta, African, Asian, European, Apes,
    Dogs, Cats, Bicycles, Porno, Watches, Cars, you name it
  • Romantic love is, all things remaining equal, celebrated, uplifted, and sustained with, through, and by sexual intercourse.
  • People will therefore want to have sexual intercourse with whoever they love and/ find sexually attractive.
  • If men people love women people, they will want to have sexual intercourse with women people, and the other way round.
  • If men people love men people, they will also want to have sexual intercourse with men people.
  • If women people want to have sexual intercourse with other women people because they are in love with them as a natural process among humans, no one, nothing can stop them.
  • People of all races and colours in the world will have sexual intercourse with one another when they are in love and find one another sexually attractive.
  • No laws in the world, no condemnations, no prejudices, no insults, no violence, no ignorance and stupidity, no primitiveness, no imprisonments, no death sentences, no executions, no culture, no traditions, no religion, and not even the king’s horses can stop people who are in love with one another from wanting to have sexual intercourse together, regardless of whether they are of the same sex or not.

Purely from a scientific thought stand point, I hereby crush with the contempt they deserve the myths that homosexuality is non-African and unnatural. As human beings sharing a common genome with other human beings across the globe, what would make Africans biologically sexually different from every one else? And, logically, it cannot hold that the God of non-scientific minds can be the God of love on the one hand, and condemns same-sex people in love on the other. Love is love. Love is the power. Sex is nothing but love’s cherry topping.
‘No, no, no, you got it all wrong, Mr Chilembo! Sex is for making children in the image of God. People of the same sex cannot reproduce, you see. That’s what makes the whole thing wrong and immoral, don’t you understand? What kind of an African man are you? You must be ashamed of yourself!’
Mr Chilembo, ‘As an intrinsic part of insuring the animal kingdom’s continued existence and survival on earth, children will always be born, anyway. No big deal. Children are not essentially a guaranteed natural outcome of the coming together of two or several people in love. People primarily fall in love with one another only. Children, if ever they come at some later point in time, are nothing but a bonus for the love. With or without children, love will always thrive. Who’s better or worse: War soldiers and rebels raping and impregnating women in the jungles of the Congo, the deserts of Syria, as well as other mad war zones in the world today, or two same-sex people in love? On whose side is your God, then?’

As a scientifically thinking African man, I know that Africans are sexual beings with all of human sexuality’s various attributes and manifestations, good and/ or bad, whatever good and/ or bad is in any given context of societal engineering and management, as well as mind control anywhere on planet earth. Moreover, if Africans are indeed the first human beings on earth, it follows, therefore, that Africans are in fact the original homosexuals. And, by extension, Africans and other Black people who hate gays hate their own and themselves in practice. It’s simple, straight forward logic. And I thought family is everything in Africa. Africans unite in love. Jeeezuss, how difficult can that be?

Prove to me that President Barack Obama and Salif Keita chose to be left-handed and albino as their respective life-style choices, and I’ll rest my case. Stephen Hawking is White; he could have turned out Black or Martian, though. Did he also wake up one morning and decide to choose to be multi-handicapped as a life-style choice? Actually, I’m very pleased he chose to be White if that indeed was the case. I shudder to think of what would have happened to him had he chosen to be born in an African equatorial, or some down-beat South African township jungle somewhere; would have been a terrible loss to science and scientific thought development, if you ask me.

 READ MY LIPS: Homosexuality is as naturally African as can be. It is science, stupid!


Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Tel.: +27 717 454 115
March 03, 2016



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