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General Elections 2014

Putting the record straight once again: I am very happy with who and what I am. I would be as nasty to my people about their weirdness and things had I been yellow, pink, white, or magenta. It wouldn’t matter whether I was born in Nogonakarabash (don’t know where or what that is), Uoagadougou, North South Dakota, or Ås. Trash is trash anywhere. My background includes being an ANC child to the core.

Predator Boss

Sub-Saharan Africa is a great place to be. All predators know this. With very little or no effort at all, there will always be something, or someone to eat. Nature has, on the whole, been very kind and generous to this strange part of the world. Abundance everywhere. Occasionally, nature gets weary too … (Continued in the book: MACHONA AWAKENING – home in grey matter. Order book on Amazon).

Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Telephone: +4792525032
May 05, 2014


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  1. […] The lunacy of post-colonial African states’ dysfunctionalities South Africa cannot (be expected to… Neither can, or must, South Africa and its people be expected to live happily forever with some of the scum these states have produced, and continue to produce. The Sahara kills children, youth, and women. So does the Mediterranean. In Libya unspeakable things happen to children, and women. In Italy, Spain, children, youth, and women are crowded in prison cells. No Afrikan leader coughs, or lifts a finger. Some rogues find their way into South Africa; cause trouble upon trouble. Old Apartheid inflicted wounds open. People respond. Mayhem rules. Shit hits the fan. Everybody cries foul, “South Africans are primitive savages! Kill them! Kill them!” Really? […]

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