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It has been one year, one month, three and half weeks since I posted the last blog article. Since then, some of the most predominant happenings in my world are as follows:

  • I have written and published my second and third books
    Machona – Emigrant
    Machona Awakening – Home in Grey Matter
    SCbooks The fourth book manuscript is off to the editor. Working on the final touches of the fifth book. In my head, plot incubation period of the sixth book is over; getting in the works soon.
  • My extended writing sabbatical continues. My creative asylum is burning hot with inspiration.
  • International Big Business ambitions have burnt me once again. But, I have fallen so many times before that I’ve sustained no scars at all this time. My resilience has never been any higher. I have never been happier. Be it known that I am far from finished. If ever.
  • I have made two short visits to Lusaka, Zambia. Met my people. Flesh and bones of my fathers made me ever so happy and proud. Lusaka Karateka gave me a warm welcome; allowed me to rescind my retirement from international Karate practice and teaching with them. Life is good.
  • The distances between a few of my old personal relationships have grown wider. One or two old relationships have taken a dive. Good riddance. Breathing has never been easier. I can see clearly now. My soul is free.
  • Key old relationships just keep growing stronger. I got more than I asked for here. Gratitude, humility are the names of my game.
  • New relationships have only been a blessing. To love and be loved in return is a wonderful thing. Love is the power.
  • The UK took Brexit, leaving modern Western civilization shaken to the core. Shocking. International solidarity thrown into the English backyard.
  • The world bid farewell to outgoing President Barack Obama, a man who made political leadership seem ever so cool.
  • Defiant, in self-centred Brexit-arrogance style, the USA replaced Obama with insolent Donald Trump. This is one American president who is having the time of his life peeing on the heads of We People who are Darker than Blue. All others, in America and the rest of the world, who think they are wise and progressive forces of humanity, aren’t spared either. Please, please, God, save America!
    Reminiscent of Saddam Hussein’s “There is no war!”- Minister, Donald Trump says, “There is no global warming!”
    Gawd, what have we done to deserve this? Global warming is one threat to humanity we can fix without shooting a single bullet. We created it. We can fix it. Just stop burning coal, among other simple measures. Any fool ought to see this.
  • North Koreans continue test-firing ballistic missiles. Much like Donald Trump, North Korean president Kim Jong-un is having a ball going against the world’s concerns for possible nuclear war outbreak in the Far East, if not the world. World media show pictures of him in his characteristic self-satisfied grin of a stuffed spoilt brat. He seems to be saying, “World War 3? Bring it on!”
    Jesus, if there’s hell below, we all gonna go. The end of the world is not going to come as it is written in the Bible. It is nigh. Even if God is smarter than man: for he so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  
  • The Syrian war goes on unabated. Bombs keep raining in Yemen. Other bombs explode from vehicles and human bodies across the Middle and Near East. ISIS spreading terror, killing indiscriminately its own and people in major cities of the Western world.
    People don’t seem to die enough; people don’t seem to suffer enough. If it’s not in the name of God, it’s in the name of Democracy. An indecisive stalemate in which people make and devour themselves in never ending circles in motions of genocide. The circles do stop moving for each and every person that gets killed, though.
    In death, we all are indisputably one; God and Democracy cease to matter, then. Not really worth the madness, ultimately. There really is no life after death. We leave heaven and hell behind here on earth when we die.
    “Who is to blame?” is another war being fought on all fronts: from philosophers, Human Rights Activists, to humanitarian organizations. Is it the Americans? The Russians? The Arabs? Who?
    Warring over what? Oil? Land? World domination? Only God knows. She doesn’t seem to care much, though. The monster she created out of humanity has gone out of control. What say ye, democracy pushers of the world?
  • In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the butchering of people continues. Boko Haram is still causing havoc in North Eastern Nigeria; some Chibok girls have been released, though.
    In Somalia, al-Shabab is still determined to annihilate The Horn of Africa.
  • Africans babies and young children, young men and women, keep getting roasted in the Sahara, and drowning in the Mediterranean Sea in their desperate attempts to get to the lands of milk and honey in Europe. So miserable is the real African condition for many of its people in their own countries. Still no movement of even the little finger from African leaders. Embarrassing. Shameful. Disgusting.
    Africa unite? Bullshit talk in African Union summit this summit that, year in and year out. Keep the official receptions champagnes and whiskies flowing, keep the Cuban cigars burning. Blow the smoke over the Mediterranean Sea waters. Let those fleeing Africans drown in peace.
  • The French just recently voted in Emmanuel Macron as their new president. Saved the European Union from collapse, and gave new hope to the world.
  • Elon Musk and Tesla keep rocking the world. The non-fossils, renewable energy revolution is here. Welcome the future today.
  • Beyoncé and Jay-Z are expecting twins.
  • The world has not gone under. Yet.
  • The sun still shines over South Africa.
  • Zuma is still in power.
  • African National Congress (ANC) structures continue steering a sinking ship.The Voice of reason, “Abandon ship, Comrades!”
    ANC structures spokesperson, “Why abandon ship? How? What is that? What is it you are talking about? Can’t you not see how much water is there in the sea out there? Or, are you blind? You see, my friend, we did not fight for freedom so that we come and die in the ocean! But, you don’t know that. O’vious.
    Let us focus on Radical Economic Transformation, please! This talk about ships and their abandonment is rubbish, plain rubbish; a tactical distraction manoeuvre by imperialist agents, enemies of the revolution.
    And, so, who else wants to say nyweee-nyweee, Zuma dis, Zuma dat, Nkandla what-what, and so on and so forth? Huh, the Gupta family? There’s nothing like that. Who are they, mhumm? I donno what are you talking about. Don’t believe everything you hear on fake news! Next khweshen, heh?”

Oh, no, Morena, boloka setshaba sa heso! / God save my nation!

Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Tel.: +27 81318 5271
June 01, 2017


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