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Simon Chilembo, July 2010

I don’t go around with a nagging need to explain, justify, and to defend myself, or apologize for being me. Neither do I go around with a need to be recognized, approved, accepted, acknowledged, understood, or liked.

I am that I am; thinking, feeling, and doing what I do the way I do it all because that’s just the way it is; that’s me living out the best of my intentions from the outset. I’ll never go changing to try to please you; if you so choose, love me just the way I am. Take me or leave me, as you wish, in accordance with your democratic choice prerogative in a democratic society.

If I don’t choose to withdraw and disappear from your world, I’ll always pounce hard on you though the moment I detect unfairness and non-justness directed towards me: my person, my values, and my beliefs.

In an active verbal communicative interaction process, be condescending in any way towards me, and you are guaranteed to see and feel the full wrath of my verbal and body language fire power. You see, my physical dimensions may not match up to those of an American Football player’s, but my ego is the size of the highest mountain, and my passion for things I stand for goes deeper than The Black Hole … (Continued in the book: MACHONA BLOGS – As I See It. Order Simon Chilembo books on Amazon)

Simon Chilembo

September 13, 2011



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