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The Last King of Håøya. Simon Chilembo 2007

I am happy today, very happy. Many who know me well will know very well that I just love to receive attention. I thrive on attention. I’m addicted to praise for the good things I do well. I get a kick out of getting positive feedback.

Every time I’m told I’m good at what I do, I’m special, I’m unique, I’m The Best, I get an almost orgasmic sensation in my body; a blissful, ecstatic state of being. I get so profusely energized I all the time want to do more and more good things in the best way possible.

But I’m not essentially driven by a voracious need for attention and praise attendant to the recognition of the positive outcomes of my actions and activities. I am not an avid attention seeker. It’ll be hard to believe for some, but privately I am a very, very shy, reserved man. I’m shy to a point of arrogance to those who know me rather not so well. Things, circumstances, and people not making sense around me easily bore me over half way to death. I am a master of withdrawal when I have little to give or to gain in any given situation.

What motivates me most is not the end, i.e. attention showers and, or praise derived from the good work I do or have done; or simply the good man I am or have become. The thrill is in the process of getting things to work, learning new things, teaching new things, breaking barriers, overcoming evil and temptation along the way … (Continued in the book: MACHONA BLOGS – As I See It. Order Simon Chilembo books on Amazon)


Simon Chilembo

Oslo, Norway
November 22, 2011



  1. lenyoloi says:

    I am happy when you are happy! 🙂 Well deserved praise for extraordinary work which has given Nesodden Kommune and the children there a gift to last a lifetime.

  2. […] for professionally, and in life in general. They became my confidants, my mentors, my coaches. They told me I’m good all the time. Some of them saw me take a major fall 6 years ago. I saw my world fall apart. I felt very alone; […]

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