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The Last King of Håøya. Simon Chilembo 2007

I am happy today, very happy. Many who know me well will know very well that I just love to receive attention. I thrive on attention. I’m addicted to praise for the good things I do well. I get a kick out of getting positive feedback. Every time I’m told I’m good at what I do, I’m special, I’m unique, I’m The Best, I get an almost orgasmic sensation in my body; a blissful, ecstatic state of being. I get so profusely energized I all the time want to do more and more good things in the best way possible.

But I’m not essentially driven by a voracious need for attention and praise attendant to the recognition of the positive outcomes of my actions and activities. I am not an avid attention seeker. It’ll be hard to believe for some, but privately I am a very, very shy, reserved man. I’m shy to a point of arrogance to those who know me rather not so well. Things, circumstances, and people not making sense around me easily bore me over half way to death. I am a master of withdrawal when I have little to give or to gain in any given situation.

What motivates me most is not the end, i.e. attention showers and or praise derived from the good work I do or have done; or simply the good man I am or have become. The thrill is in the process of getting things to work, learning new things, teaching new things, breaking barriers, overcoming evil and temptation along the way.

I work directly with people; I’m good at it, that’s what I do. I change people’s lives to help them get the best out of themselves and others in order to be happy, more fulfilled, and more productive and responsible members of society. My idealistic vision is that all the people I work with will each in their own ways contribute to making this world a better place to live for all. My own real experience is that every time I see or hear that somebody has become a better person out of the work we’ve done together to create positive change in their own lives, something happens to me too. My sense of duty, obligation, devotion, and indeed, love for humanity and life grows more and more in a most profound way.

A sweet voice hums incessantly in my ears, urging me to work to be an even better man tomorrow and subsequent days on. Top that up with overt expressions of gratitude and praise, acknowledging my person and my humanity; then my birthday, Christmas, 17 May, foreplay, and landing on the moon all collapse into one explosive pack of delight; I want to laugh, cry, jump, dance, and fly all simultaneously. It’s a very exhilarating feeling of personal liberation. At the same time making me feel ever so humbled to have had the privilege of living in a land of plenty, land of the free; living my life as I choose/ have chosen to within the confines of the laws of the land.

I am very, very happy today because the Nesodden kommune/ Municipality Council has given me official recognition; acknowledging the very positive influence my club, Nesodden Karateklubb, has had on hundreds of children’s and youth’s lives since I first started teaching Karate at Nesodden in March 1989. In his very moving speech on Saturday, November 19, 2011, the representative from the Sport & Culture office, Martin Lundquist, mentioned that the club had become a recognized, solid institution in the municipality region. He went on to say that I was considered as an important role model for the children and youth, as well the parents of Nesodden; stating further that I had contributed significantly to sense of growth and well-being here. “You mean a lot to many, Simon,” he said (tears welled in my eyes at this point). When in recent years some of the original Karate Kids from the early years are now making comebacks together with their own young children, we can then safely say that there are a lot of good things we do to help children and youth grow up into decent adults. Through regional and national competitions over the years the club has made Nesodden proud. What with the Gold Medals of the Junior Nationals of 1998 (Åke Bjørk) and 2002 (Martin Ask)? The uniqueness of our club in these parts is grounded in the fact that that there is a fine mixture of the ages and the sexes; many parents have been encouraged to start training together with their own children, thereby discovering a new and exciting arena for more parent-child bonding work.

As a material token of appreciation I was presented with a very nice piece of artwork by Weche Øyen. All this came as a total surprise to me. A great honour indeed. Man, am I so happy, ever so grateful for the attention! Life is good. I thank from the bottom of my heart, and my future wife’s bottom too, for the great team spirit and team work that have developed at all levels of participation and responsibility in the club at Nesodden, as well as in the Oslo branch.

It’s been a long, eventful, enriching, and fulfilling journey currently on its 23rd season. Getting better all the time as my former Super Star Karate Kids are now grown up, finding their ways into my shoes to take the club to even higher heights.

They are all mad, tough, and fun loving like me. I constantly shower them with well-deserved praises, I give them power, I give them love. We all get crazy with ecstatic joy and share it with the world. I’m so happy today; my Karate Kids are hot, they are the greatest, the best the world has ever seen, like Muhammad Ali (well, almost!). As I take a 5- 6 months sabbatical next year, I have no doubt that the beat will just keep going on in the usual superlative way. I am so happy today. Thank you, Nesodden, the best kommune Norway has ever seen!

Let’s rock! I AM Somebody


Simon Chilembo

Telephone: +47 97000488
Oslo, Norway
November 22, 2011



  1. lenyoloi says:

    I am happy when you are happy! 🙂 Well deserved praise for extraordinary work which has given Nesodden Kommune and the children there a gift to last a lifetime.

  2. […] for professionally, and in life in general. They became my confidants, my mentors, my coaches. They told me I’m good all the time. Some of them saw me take a major fall 6 years ago. I saw my world fall apart. I felt very alone; […]

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