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LEADERSHIP – The Chil-land Case 

The national leadership structure of Chil-land is clearly defined, and is centred on the one all-powerful
President Big Daddy Cool-Chils, a.k.a. Prez Chils. He heads The Cabinet, all the ministries, as well as all the government departments


Prez Chils is by definition president for and of life by and from birth. He is destined to self-leadership neither by accident nor wish, but by design and creation. Although he as a younger leader was not entirely appreciative of the attendant responsibilities, duties, and obligations of his natural societal roles and functions, Prez Chils has grown up to be a beacon of freedom, as well as mental emancipation; making Chil-land a model country to be emulated by others.

Prez Chils is a sophisticated, cultured man of the world whose existence is entirely dependent on the perpetual smooth operations of the cabinet and all the relevant state departments. The latter are inherently interdependent both as separate administrative units, as well as contra Prez Chils’ divine pervasive nature. It is in no uncertain terms understood that no single unit of Chil-land administration shall or can survive at the expense of another; all must co-ordinate their activities in concert in order for Prez Chils to carry out his custodial duties optimally for all. It is also the President’s imperative to take good care of the entire administration, harnessing and sustaining all the necessary resources and skills throughout Chil-land’s yet-to-be manifest lifespan.

Endowed with enormous personal material and, most importantly, spiritual, emotional, as well as creative wealth, Prez Chils is renowned for his generousity and kindness. Material and spiritual abundance around the President all his life so far has shaped his and Chil-land’s enormous capacity for resilience, patience, and tolerance. Like many other people, Prez Chils has had his own share of trials and tribulations. But after every fall he, just like the Phoenix, has always risen again to be better and stronger than before. When the end of his and Chil-land’s allotted time on earth finally arrives, there are many Phoenixes ready to carry on the legacy. Actually, some have already begun!  Prez Chils lives and does what he has to do today so that tomorrow will be a better, more fulfilling experience for all on the globe. It is Prez Chils burning desire to demonstrate through Chil-land that it is possible to create heaven on earth for oneself in this life.

Prez Chils is a future-oriented lover of life living in the moment; he enjoys life with passion. He is a gastrosexual who just loves beautiful and luxurious things. Because he is not sexually attracted to other men, he is therefore heterosexual. Given his mental emancipation as mentioned above, some of his close homosexual friends and brothers know Prez Chils as a platonic-gay-straight-man; the latter because he has no qualms about showing openly normal recognition and affection for his homosexual friends, brothers, and sisters.            

The President is not married, has never been married, will get married when his future wife finally finds him. The man has just been too busy making Chil-land into paradise-on-earth to have time to make room for a Mrs Prez Chil in his life. If she is out there now, she may call The Prez’s number with her substantive proposal. There currently is such peace, harmony, and contentment in Chil-land that Prez Chils will give all proposals due regard and thorough consideration.

Simon Chilembo

Telephone: +47 97000488
Oslo, Norway
November 06, 2011


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