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Countries of the World

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Simon Chilembo, 08/ 10-2011

(Dedicated to all Women and Mothers of the World through Nobel Peace Prize 2011 winners: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman)

So, wouldn’t it be cool if countries of the world had names with only three letters? If the vocalization is jazzy/ hip/ cool exceptions can be allowed. In that case China would be Chin; India Indi; Australia is already Aussie so that’s okay, and likewise is Zambia Zed. America is already Yuza; Canada would be Candy; and Benin Ben; Niger is cool as it is ‘cause Nig would probably choke you. To avoid possible passing out you might want to soften Nig with Niga. Sensitive sounds, we leave Niger alone! And Nigeria would then be Nige with that French accent “é”, Nigé. Chic, no? We can go on with Kenya as Ken; Libya as Lib even if Gaddafi’s women were never the most liberated. Guess what Brazil would be? Nice, no? But then again på Norsk ville vi da si, “Brasil er Bra!” And what about Madagascar? With Norway there simply would be Noway out once you are in.

Those countries with two names, or first names and surnames would present a bit of a challenge; same as those with long descriptive ones. What a relief that The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is no longer existent. Gave way to Rus, very nice. We had nice and smooth Zai, now it’s The Democratic Republic of the Congo. The DRC is still dry to the tongue; skip! Burkina Fasso, “The land of upright people”, takes the cake; Burk would be so cool. And then there is The Republic of South Africa, otherwise known as Mzansi4sho; Mza just spot on! There’s only one country I freak out for in this category though: Sim-Chilembzisia, People’s Republic of.

Sim-Chilembzisia, People’s Republic of, Chil-land hereafter, reliable information has it that the two creators of this land met in 1958 somewhere out there in the world, specifically Mza. After a series of negotiations and intercourses (details and intricacies of which by design can never be divulged) a seed was planted, and a whole, perfect, healthy nation state of Chil-land was born in the Rat Year of 1960. And the world would never be the same again.

Chil-land is today, and will be for at least another 80 years, the best country to be on earth. Although constrained by normally accepted international codes of conduct within the confines of the laws of the lands, as well as global governance institutions; and paying due regard to Natural Law constrictions, Chil-land is the most free, the most democratic, and the most liberal country on the globe. To top it all, the nation of Chil-land is endowed with a tremendous supply of numerous vital natural resources, as well as an enlightened manpower base with superlative production and life skills, including phenomenal creative potential.

The concept and manifestation of freedom in Chil-land are clearly understood by the entire citizenry, and, above all, the entire political and administrative leadership at all levels and functions of society. Freedom in Chil-land is neither taken nor understood to be an end in itself; freedom and its attendant attributes are not arbitrarily defined by any one individual or groups of individuals.

No one owns freedom; freedom is for all. Freedom is not static, it is dynamic and moves the times. Freedom is an indispensable motor and catalyst for progressive change, growth, and all-round positive transformation of society in and with time. Freedom lives today for today, is not afraid of the future because freedom eliminates fear of and for the unknown. Freedom enables fantasy and creativity so that free citizens of today can always find various ways of seeing into the future. With the latter skill polished to the highest levels and growing all the time, Chil-land citizenry lives the future in the present for an ever-bright future for all.

Simon Chilembo, 08/ 10-2011

 Freedom facilitates boundless creative abundance, if not material. Hardly surprising therefore that Chil-land is a self-sufficient, self-reliant nation with a constant surplus of most, if not all, basic and strategic resources for a long-term sustainable comfortable and productive life for all. In Chil-land, freedom bounty is neither right nor entitlement for a few arrogant, self-centred myopic so-called heroes of the struggle so familiar elsewhere, destroying their own countries and people’s lives. Freedom bounty is to be variably enjoyed by all people according to each their own needs, wants, and preferences. Chil-land heroes are made by the people to serve the people, facilitating the people’s ever-uplifting total freedom experience and growth. Heroes Are (NOT) Hard to Find in my beloved land, Chi-land.

By extension, freedom implies compassion and generousity. Therefore, a large part of the production surplus of Chil-land is used to help other not as fortunate but receptive nations to enhance their own experience of freedom if already attained, or assist in the necessary feasible and functional processes of attaining it where it’s still lacking.

If by definition freedom is an ever-current phenomenon taking and guiding free societies into the future without fear today, it implies therefore that freedom is an anti-thesis of a formally oppressive and suppressive past. Freedom does not come without; freedom is an expression and manifestation, as well celebration of liberation from tyranny, poverty, and ignorance. In Chil-land, absolutely all understand that those living in the past, to the extent that what they value with and from the past negates full freedom experience as conventionally defined and accepted by the progressive world here and now, have a bleak if any future at all.

Simon Chilembo
Telephone: +4792525032


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