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Africa: Flags African dictators and despots are exactly at a place they ought to be on earth. Africa is a natural haven for autocratic rulers. As reportedly the oldest people on earth, Africans must for generations have persevered and survived such awesome battering from nature that fear of, and reverence for, power, authority, and influence come as second nature to them. So, if you are a person of ethical standards and moral values divergent from definition of the same in the progressive world of freedom, justice, and democracy, you have a free hand to dominate and destroy your land and your people’s natural aspirations for a good life of abundance, comfort, safety, and infinite prospects for growth, development, and prosperity. Just be atrociously brutal and effective in dealing with those of your people reluctant to acknowledge and follow your pathetic rule and leadership style. Kill them in cold blood, and feed their corpses to the dogs. Much like nature in the beginning, and subsequent conquerors from other parts of the world, colonizers, did before your time. Works all the time. If your land lacks any specially value adding material and other attributes to the rest of the world, nobody will give a hoot.

Africans truly love their culture. Primitive, timeless culture. The oldest instrument of social organization and control on earth. A culture which remained static and closed-minded while the rest of mankind later moved on, finding ever new and better ways of organizing society, and providing for its basic needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. It is in fact this adamant adherence to obsolete elements of this slow, non-changing culture in modern times, which is attributable to the prevalence of blatantly arrogant, defiant, and sustained human rights abuses across Africa.

It’s really simple to have, and assume power in Africa, as facilitated by archaic aspects of African culture. Just be special, for example. Just do something so special and extra-ordinary it sets you apart from the rest of your contemporaries and counterparts.

Though not necessarily an absolute pre-requisite, you can start first by being born No. 1 child in your family. Have your position, and its attendant privileges and entitlements explained and justified as a God-given right, according to the wishes, predictions, and prescriptions of your ancestors. The stage is set, then.

In Africa, God by definition is an extension of, and larger than, nature, larger than life. Ancestors are intermediaries between God and nature. So, what this holy trinity has designed and put in place, let no man put asunder, lest God’s super mean lightening strikes. No one knows, and dreads, the wrath of God more than an African. The Bible, for all intents and purposes, may well have originally been written with Africans in mind. The likes of David Livingstone’s bosses understood this well. Africa, unite in poverty and misery in the name of God as inscribed in your obsolete primitive culture.

To consolidate your position as a despotic/ dictatorial leader/ ruler in Africa, you must use God and ancestral spirits to the maximum. If you cannot exhibit supernatural abilities and talents, surround yourself with loyalists who can do all this on your behalf. Just make sure to have something on them, such that they cannot turn against you. Deal instantly, with razor sharp effective and precise brutality against even the slightest sign of disloyalty. Rule by extreme fear, just like God. Act and behave exactly like the chosen one sent by God to save the people on earth from undoings of their own inherently evil nature. Amen.

And then there is the Dependency Syndrome so endemic in African culture. Patronage has, therefore, fertile ground in Africa. When you are special and extra-ordinary by virtue of certain unique attributes about you, you may have been born in royalty and/ or great wealth, African culture will put you on a pedestal. If you are a power and adulation freak, this is just the place for you, despot/ dictator. Reward your fans accordingly, and never forget to have strings on them for they are your God-given puppets. Sustain this, and your position is guaranteed for life. Elections? What’s that? Since your position is very safe given the fact that you have no real threat because, if they are not all dead and fed to the crocodiles, many of your serious and real detractors have fled from their beloved land, you’ll perform an elaborate symbolic show of “credible, free, and fair elections” for the naïve world watching from abroad.

Dependency Syndrome destroys a people’s self-reliance potential growth, development, and practice. People grow up with the knowledge, and taking it for granted, that someone more resourceful and stronger will always cover up for their own shortcomings and shortfalls: Guardian Angels. People grow up knowing little, or nothing at all, about taking charge of their own lives, or becoming responsible for the directions of destiny their own lives will take in the long run. They grow up believing that the world owes it to them to make it all right for them always. These people go through life dreaming, hoping, believing, and expecting that, for example:

  • “My father will buy me a farm one day. He promised …
  • The government must give me a job and a house soon, I supported Mandela, you know …
  • My sister is a Doctor, she’ll give me the money I need, no problem …
  • The President is an uncle of my friend’s wife’s step’s sister on the mother’s side of the great-grandfather’s tenth wife’s second cousin, so we’ll get the tender, hopefully …
  • Eish, if my ex gets a place for me at university overseas, you can talk to your brother to talk to the bank for air ticket bucks, neh? It’s quite cheap these days, you know! Someone told me they read somewhere that somebody said something about South African Airways scholarships…” on and on, and on, and … M-Yawwwn!!! Getting a headache.

These are some of the most valuable people as potential loyal supporters of African autocratic rulers. Play with tenets of outdated African culture (e.g. fear, revere, God, ancestors, the powerful, the high and mighty, kings/ queens, and others, no matter what), entice, and entangle them in the ruler’s patronage net. Game done. Enduring death of democracy in ever backsliding dictatorial/ despotic/ autocratic Africa in the box. Signed, sealed and delivered. Hallelujah!

Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Tel: +27 717 454 115
August 25, 2013




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  2. […] I like him or not. Manifestation of any lack of respect for an elder and leader in accordance with “… it’s our African culture!” is of no relevance here as well. My stand is based on impersonal well-thought out critical thinking […]

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