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Speaking about an ill Nelson Mandela and South Africa on Norwegian TV2 end of June 2013, I was asked about the condition of Whites in South Africa: Do they have anything to fear for their future in the country?

I answered that if nothing happened in 1994, nothing is ever going to happen to them. South African Whites must just stay at home because they are needed for their knowledge and skills in the process of growth and development of the country. I went on to say that despite the much talked about problem of corruption and other manifestations of good governance inadequacies in the country, democracy was now firmly ingrained in the more open, and free post-apartheid South African society. Indeed, the high and mighty in the state apparatus will in the short to medium term stretch the law when exposed of their corrupt practices and other vices. But in the long run, processes as provided for, and backed by, relevant democratic institutions and organs will insure that all law breakers will be caught, and shall be punished accordingly if found guilty in legally instituted courts of law.

South African Whites have nothing but their own fears of the unknown to fear.  I cannot think of anybody in the current political dispensation sitting somewhere plotting, alone or together with others, the annihilation of the White Race in South Africa. Private, for purposes of this discourse, Black South Africans, despite their horrendous pre-1994 history, have other real and current issues to worry about than driving White South Africans out to sea and disappear: Poor Service Delivery, Child Abuse, Violence Against Women. Chances are higher by far that at this very moment a child is being brutally molested, and a dejected lover is killing a woman who doesn’t love him anymore.

Despite the rather characteristically loud, small-scale populist rhetoric which South African democracy necessarily allows adequate room for, there is no single landowner whose land shall be repossessed without compensation, where applies. To the extent that conventional paper work pertaining to land and property ownership is in order, appropriate laws, as well as conventional business negotiations methods shall be followed to subsequent mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned. At its most elegant, democracy works systematically and orderly. Choosing to ignore democratic principles and processes would only lead to chaos, and, at worst, war and total disintegration of the gracious Rainbow Nation of South Africa. Free South Africans with nothing to fear have no time for wars and destruction. This country is just too beautiful to burn alive in pursuit of selfish ends driven by ignorance of the functionings of modern, progressive societies.

IMG_1853People die. People are killed all the time. Criminals kill people. From the outset, we are all equally vulnerable to hideousness of crime. What differentiates us is how security/ safety conscious or non-conscious we are. Who is better security/ safety conscious than White South Africans? No one does it better. South African Whites are trendsetters when it comes to aspects and intricacies of personal, home and property security and safety preventive measures. The security and protection industry in South Africa is dominated by White operators. Many of these are fearsome, effective, and good, in so far as prevention, and apprehension go. For my own personal relative peaceful sleep at night, I have engaged the Surveillance and Protection Service of a White-owned armed-response security firm. Not because they are White first and foremost, but simply because they are good at what they do. Superlative reputation. Excellent service. Pure business considerations paramount. Works for me. So far so good. In a perfect world, the Police would focus more attention to protecting and safeguarding the needs of the less fortunate and less resourceful in the wider society. The poor get killed. The poor kill each other like flies.

But people die. People are still killed by criminals, small-times, as well as hard-core professionals. This may well be my last blog entry, as I might wake up murdered tomorrow morning. Indiscriminate spate of robberies in my neighbourhood lately. White, Black, purple, green, yellow, blue, maroon people, all concerned. Security companies working overtime. Soon, somebody has to be shot down. Smell of blood in the air. Criminal. Black. Dead. Happy then?

Ultimately, I believe, it’s not necessarily about how big, high, and strong are the walls of your electric-fenced fortresses. It’s not about how many guns you carry on you. It’s not about how many bulletproof vests you wear on your body. It’s about our attitudes to other people out in the big, wide world. It’s about how you relate to people. In my view, many people will do extreme things to protect and preserve their sense of humanity and personal integrity. Unfortunately, it is an observable phenomenon on a daily basis that many a White-South-African-with-nothing-but-his/ her-own-fear-to-fear can be extremely rude and arrogant towards other people, Blacks for our purposes here. These rather special White South Africans are still caught up in the shackles of out-dated, White Supremacist Apartheid South Africa.

Reality is that South Africa will never go back to the old days of White Supremacist Apartheid. Despite the often-sighted fallibilities and inadequacies of the current political leadership in the country, ordinary South Africans of all shades, shapes, sizes, and orientations have tasted the sweet nectar of Democracy. The fibre of Democratic Values and Principles is now firmly intertwined in the psyche of the majority of ordinary South Africans. White-South-Africans-with-nothing-but-their-own-fears-to-fear, and others like them, better get used to this reality. Those who would rather leave the country in protest will find that it’s not any better abroad. Stay home, contribute to making this beloved country of ours the peaceful haven of co-existence you dream of. For all.

You want to live a long, prosperous, and happy life in Rainbow Nation South Africa, and indeed, the world anywhere? Simple: Just be nice to people! Now, that’s not so much to ask, yes?

Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Tel: +27 717 454 115
October 11, 2013


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  1. […] White racists are fighting an anti-Black South African war they can never, and they will never win. South Africa will never revert to White Supremacist Apartheid rule. Never. This will be confirmed in 2096 when South African White racists will all have been wiped […]

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