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WARRIOR NATIONS: Kamikaze v/s Knowledge

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Many a warrior nation takes pride in their apparently major preoccupation of endless churning out of Kamikaze-like Warriors solely focused on dying for their own causes, sacrificing others of their own people in the process. Indeed, justifiable causes, in many cases.

Nelson Mandela, PresidentOther nations will on the one hand do the same also, while on the other, they devote some of their time, energy, and resources to doing and making other things that contribute to the progress of, not only their own nations in isolation, but humanity as a whole. By investing in R&D projects seeking to find answers to the ever-challenging questions of how to improve the quality of life in all aspects of living for all on earth, these countries add to the knowledge bank of humanity with respect to understanding how the natural world functions, in order that life on earth can be sustained and propagated in more effective ways. These knowledge based Warrior nations also allow for growth, perpetuation, and sustenance of culture of thought around the non-material existential questions of humanity as well. Knowledge based Warrior nations add value to global society, therefore.

Even a cursory look at contemporary history will show that in times of, often unequal, international conflicts culminating in serious and sustained wars, global society, in a lot of cases led by leading and dominant knowledge based Warrior nations, will tend to be lenient towards fellow value adding nations. Doing only perfunctory humanitarian and diplomatic acts to fulfill institutionalized international diplomacy protocols, as well as treaties and obligations in relation to the weaker, non-value-adding Kamikaze-like Warrior only nations. The latter nations, nobody really cares about. More so if they also are not endowed with any natural resource/ -s the former value and need to feed their knowledge, technology, industrial, and economic needs.

Those Kamikaze-like Warrior nations neither attractive nor exciting to global capital are doomed to losing any, in the eyes of, knowledge Warrior nations, war against the latter. It’s not about fairness; it’s not about justice for either side. It’s simply about survival of the fittest all the way. Understanding skewed stalemates in some ongoing major wars in certain parts of the world today may be understood in this light, therefore.

So, which kind of Warrior are you? Which kind of Warrior nation is yours? Last time I heard that knowledge was power.


Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Tel.: +27 717 454 115
July 27, 2014





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