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Because I’m, in this posting, addressing myself to psychopaths, I’m going to be linear in my thought expression. I’m going to deliberately make non-substantiated claims. I am not opening a discussion. I only need to let my frustration out. That is because I need to breathe, so that I can continue enjoying the made-to-last freedom and peace of my motherland, South Africa. 

Simon Chilembo, Author/ President/ Machona-Emigrant

Simon Chilembo, Author/ President/ Machona-Emigrant

But, that does not mean that those strongly wishing to respond are prevented from doing so. There is one condition I demand to be fulfilled, though: substantiation and logically structured, mature presentation of opinions, agreeing with me or not. I shall not tolerate personal attacks and insults. If necessary, I’ll only engage with those whose views I regard to reflect a respectable degree of wisdom and intellectual sophistication, if not substance.

Psychopaths have no sense of right or wrong. Psychopaths have only one view of the world. Psychopaths see and interpret the universe only according to how their faultily wired perceptive and analytical senses relate to impulses emanating from their immediate and distant ecologies. Psychopaths lack empathy.

A fifty-six year old man progressively screws and holds his own country and people to ransom for thirty-seven years. Because he is a psychopath, Mugabe holds on to power even in senility. Wasted at age ninety-three, he continues clinging on to the no longer functional national presidency; totally oblivious to the real danger he personally, not to mention the almost 16.5 million people of Zimbabwe, is, are exposed to, that after a rather long overdue but, thank goodness, well-orchestrated military coup.

The Zimbabwean military intentionally chose not to assassinate Mugabe because of the non-psychopathic nature of the key generals and others involved in the coup, and his subsequent peacefully coerced resignation from power two weeks later. However, in their psychopathic minds, Mugabe and his like-minded have no comprehension of this fact.

Mugabe is finished. Mugabe is a lost cause. It is not worth wasting any more of my little breath left on him. I want to, now, address myself to the 5 million Zimbabweans who escaped from Mugabe’s tyranny to find protection in South Africa. 5 million is the whole population of a country – Norway, for example.

Other common and non-mistakable traits of psychopaths are acute arrogance, lack of respect, and ingratitude towards others, especially the generous, kind, and tolerant. (Originally) utterly desperate refugees from war torn Middle Eastern countries, and beyond, encounter rapidly growing hostilities from ordinary citizens in their Western Europe host countries.

The refugees do not understand how their religious and cultural chauvinism continually feed their hosts’ ill will. They are incapable of appreciating challenges around their own lack of willingness to change and adapt to the dynamics of their new environment. They are psychopaths. Thanks to them, the ultra-right wing wave keeps growing across Europe. Thanks to them, we now have Donald Trump as the most powerful man on earth.

In South Africa, there are Zimbabwean psychopaths who manifest exactly the same tendencies as above. Zimbabwean psychopaths in South Africa go around the country enjoying the very best freedoms and democratic rights no other African country can equal. Yet, the mentally deranged Zimbabweans behave so dishonourably towards their South African hosts it’s disgusting. And, then, naturally, they do not understand where the so-called Afro-phobia violence in the country comes from. Sickening to the core.

Human intelligence is an inherent facet of human nature; it’s either one is born clever or plain stupid. Simple.

Education, formal or traditional, enhances the functional capacity of the intelligent brain towards uplifting and life-supporting human endeavours creation and sustenance. To a stupid, less intelligent brain, education often spells disaster for humanity.

Black Zimbabweans are NOT more intelligent than South Africans. I do not care about white Zimbabweans in the context of this presentation.

From colonial days, little black Zimbabwe had more access to western education than black South Africa. With approximately 60 million people (5 million of them being Zimbabweans, lest it’s forgotten) living in the country today, South Africa is little Zimbabwe’s big brother by far. Respect, please!

With his notorious seven university degrees, Mugabe became the infamously most highly educated president in the world. With that, he went on to make Zimbabwe one of the most impoverished and least respected countries in the free world. It took 450 000 very intelligent black Zimbabwean farmers thirty (30) years to produce maize targets previously harvested by only 15 000 white farmers previously, when the country was called “the bread basket” of Africa. Give us a break!

With only one university degree, Mandela turned South Africa into the small African paradise where everyone, including, of course, mentally deranged Zimbabweans, live happily ever after.

If the psychopathic Zimbabweans living in South Africa are as hot as they like to think they are, they must go back to rebuild their broken country. And “broken” is the key word. Which means that, really, they can only continue from where their psychopath ultra-grandfather left. With psychopaths, it can only get worse. Prove me wrong, if you can.

My humble (because I am a Madiba child) advice to those shallow-minded, intellectually bankrupt Zimbabweans living in South Africa is: learn to be at least as humble, stay here and continue to thrive. Despite the Msholozi-Guptas-StateCapture-White-MonopolyCapital hustle, South Africa is still the land of opportunity for all decent human beings. Starting from scratch in your screwed up country will simply kill you, if your own people do not kill you first themselves.

I do this because I love Zimbabwe and its people. Deeply. Actually. In many ways, my initiation into adult manhood commenced here. My own psychopathic tendencies have played themselves out in a big way in this country before, starting one year after Mugabe became president. It was with Zimbabwe I first suckled the sweet taste of international game changer mind games. Lovely. Payback time. Take me, or leave me. No panic. Free spirit.

Now, I can breathe!

Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Telephone: +27813185271
November 26, 2017



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