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Epigenetic inheritance theory has captured my fascination in a profound way. It has cast new insight into how I now think about the nature of man. That with reference to how I relate to man in the spontaneous, continuous process of writing and playing my own story as I go through the labyrinth of life. Some call it legacy.

©Simon Chilembo 2017

©Simon Chilembo 2017

But I don’t really care much about “the legacy I shall leave behind”. If I do have a legacy, it has, actually, built, and shall sustain itself for as long as time wants it alive. Nevertheless, immortality is the goal. Who wants to live forever? I do. Why not?
All I care about is the integrity of the authoring of my life story lines as I dance my way through to my exit point of the maze, that far, far away.

My hope is that my life story shall be read and judged with open, scientific minds, both whilst I still walk the face of the earth, and when I’m dead.

Thanks to epigenetic inheritance theory, I have finally seen the light: yes, the human body is, indeed, a temple of God. By extension, any other creature that subscribes to, and lives according to tenets of any prescribed faith, has its physical body as the temple of God; at least in the Western world’s perception of the Deity.

Even more precisely, the philosophical duality of God and her anti-thesis, Satan, is not only a construct of the core of man’s existential questions’ thinking: their abodes, heaven and hell, respectively, are, in fact, in the DNA of man.

There is no place called heaven outside the realm of man’s existence on earth. Neither is there a place called hell in the same illusory domain. Heavenly rewards, or satanic retributions for our virtues and sins, respectively, we live them accordingly right here on earth. When we die, we are dead: our DNAs have switched off, and so have the ideas of God, Satan, heaven, and hell.

It is only the unenlightened that fuss about life after death for the deceased. The human soul leaving the dead is as real, as independent, and as infinite as the universe. So, leave it alone. It knows how to take care of itself. Ever heard of a buried soul? They failed to bury Jesus.

It ought to make perfect sense that life-after-death is, indeed, a reality for the living only. Life goes on. But, living in the dark, and confronted with challenges of life with nature, the survivors seek answers outside of themselves. Finding no workable solutions out there, panic grips them. Fear of the unknown rules over their lives through and through.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, some hustlers found out that they could profit from the fear-induced ignorance of the living. That was how all kinds of faiths were born. Depending on set locations on planet earth, faiths would be lifelines between a mysterious, omnipresent, all-knowing God. This God would, in accordance with predominant cultural practices from space to space, be represented in various forms and attributes. Thus paving the way for the near countless religious denominations we have in the world today.

That humanity, in the name of these gods, carries out the most outrageous murderous acts against itself is more than enough to dismiss the whole idea of their existence, and, thus, their value to mankind. The real, and only viable God is the God inside of man in the living, right here on planet earth, right here and now.

In my involuntary anticipation of a “…one tantrum away …” nuclear war outbreak in my immediate lifetime, I’m not sure of who North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un’s God is, though. The American President Trump prays to the God of the Christians. If the God were real, he wouldn’t appear to be indifferent to whether a nuclear war would breakout or not. As if he wouldn’t have learnt from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A tantrum is personally willed from inside the man.

Therefore, as for me and my own, each time I, both as a virtuous man and a sinner, pray, meditate, and humble myself in front of my God, I look into myself. The answers, my friends, are not blowing in the wind after all. What blows in the wind are weapons of mass destruction used all over the world in the name of some external Gods.

The answers are lying in the deepest recesses of my DNAs universal constitution. Everything I see up in the night sky and more, I see it in here. I live with no fear because God lives in me. I don’t need any guns or bombs to convince anybody. It’s all about science. Simple.

Epigenetic inheritance theory is about the extent to which we have the capacity to, both instinctually and consciously, continue to learn, retain, and advance new knowledge vital for survival in life. This knowledge is essential in the present, and is carried forward to the next generations through procreation.

From the outset, we are born with predetermined survival instinct information programmed into each our individual genetic material. This is as directly personal inheritance as we can get from our parents.

In order to survive, by perpetual adaptation imperatives in ever-changing internal and external environments, subtle changes continuously take place at the sub-atomic levels of our DNA molecules. Connected to the central nervous system, there is a bilateral relationship between aspects of learning and the process of mutation in the very core of the DNA.

It is, therefore, important to be aware of what formal and informal adaptive skills we, in the present, learn in society. The kind of material society we build today is, of course, important for future generations. Ja, ja, ja, phhh, legacy!
However, more importance should be focused onto what kind of knowledge and potential positive creative capacity we genetically pass onto our progeny.

If we want our grandchildren to live to see their own grandchildren live in a better place than our world today, we must all begin to acknowledge and internalize the knowledge that God is in each and every one of us alive. Am I, then, saying that there are as many Gods as there are people alive on earth at any one time? Yes!

The elegance of the ultra-faceted God I am presenting here is that she collapses into just one concept that ought to unify mankind: love. There is no greater truth than “The Greatest Love of All” is the love of the self. If that is the case, then, the only meaningful way to God is through knowing and honouring the self. And, the self has value only to the extent that it has others to relate to, society.

I often wonder:

  • What would happen if in their war slogans, those who cry out loud “God is great!” simply kept quite and mantrat the slogan in silence unto themselves?
  • How does the line “We are the champions, my friends, and we’ll keep on fighting ‘til the end!” morph in context when repeatedly uttered quietly inside oneself?

Going by the quality of the mass of global political and economic leadership today, it is clear that we live in an age where, in some parts of the world, education is failing society grossly. If science is not debased here, it is used for purposes negating human progress. The investigation into the essence of man from the inside, both as an instigator and propagator of God is negated.

It beats me that there are hordes of world leaders who have a more passionate relationship with the extraterrestrial God than, for example, the scientifically verifiable fact that the current global warming phenomenon is a real threat to the future of our planet. Were this God for real, he would be an absolutely raving lunatic of a sadist to be watching us, his own creation, working so systematically towards self-annihilation.

Only man can save himself from himself, and other enemies of human progress. That can be attainable through a deeper level of self-knowledge, starting with the study of epigenetic inheritance theory, among other scientific fields of knowledge pertaining to the understanding of the inherent earthly nature of man and his perennial existential questions.


Simon Chilembo
South Africa
Telephone: +27813185271
December 19, 2017



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